M822 前眼部および後眼部手術向け眼科手術顕微鏡

See well. Perform well.


Dr. Tawfik with the Proveo 8 surgical microscope.

Dr. Tawfik Shares his Expert View on Direct Horizontal Chopping in Cataract Surgery

It is estimated that nearly 28 million cataract surgery procedures are performed worldwide every year. Phacoemulsification is the most common method used to remove the cataract and chopping maneuvers…

How to Select a Microscope for Cataract Surgery

What to consider in the selection of an ophthalmic microscope for cataract procedures. Bearing these aspects in mind will equip surgeons well for talks with manufacturer representatives. Many…

Advanced Techniques in Cataract and Refractive Surgery

In this webinar Dr. Thompson and Dr. Moshirfar will explain how Leica microscopes aid in procedures such as Centration of Multifocal IOLs and corneal inlays such as Kamra and Lenticular Grafts used in…





白内障手術は、ここ数十年の間に最も頻繁に行われる眼科手術のひとつとなりました。術者は濁った水晶体を取り除き、人工眼内レンズ(IOL)に置き換えます。手術は通常 5~10 分程度で終わり、局所麻酔で行うことができます。
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