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Buying an Ophthalmic Microscope? Gain Peers Insights from Dr. Dhami

How key features, such as optics quality, enhance Dr. Dhami's surgical precision in cataract and retina procedures and why he chose the M822 ophthalmic microscope

How the M822 microscope enhances surgical precision in eye surgeries - Insights from Dr. Dhami. Image courtesy of Dr. Abhinav Dhami. Dr_Abhinav_Dhami_with_M822.jpg

When buying an ophthalmic microscope, what should you consider? How can you make the best choice to support your cataract and retina procedures and ensure your microscope will meet your needs?

In this article, learn how Dr. Abhinav Dhami, an ophthalmic surgery consultant in North India, enhances his surgical precision using the M822 ophthalmic microscope from Leica Microsystems and the key features that convinced him to buy this ophthalmic microscope for his practice. 

The challenge – Achieve optimal illumination and ensure a constant red reflex

Ophthalmic surgery, such as cataract and retina procedures, requires a high degree of surgical precision when maneuvering instruments and manipulating delicate ocular tissue. Illumination plays an important role for good visualization. However, it is also critical to ensure safe illumination for patient safety.

Ensuring the right level of illumination with the microscope, not too bright for the patient nor for the surgeon, can be challenging. Dr. Dhami points out: "The patient’s response to light can hinder the surgery."

Another challenge is having a stable red reflex, to obtain a clear view of micro-anatomical details. For example, when performing hydrodissection or hydrodelineation, retro-illumination with the red reflex enables visualization of the capsular part. "We make sure that our depth when we put any surgical instrument is correct" says Dr. Dhami.

The solution – Buy an ophthalmic microscope helping to enhance surgical precision

For Dr. Dhami, buying the M822 ophthalmic microscope was a natural choice as he was looking for microscope with the following features: 

  1. Good optics 
  2. Depth perception 
  3. Bright illumination, with a stable red reflex

With a combination of halogen and LED, the M822 ophthalmic microscope delivers bright, three-dimensional illumination and brilliant red reflex. This innovation, paired with outstanding Leica optics, gives surgeons enhanced visualization to perform both cataract and retinal surgeries. The microscope also includes light intensity reduction features for patient safety. 

Dr. Dhami enjoys the versatility of the M822 ophthalmic microscope as well, which is both a retina microscope and a cataract microscope. He explains:

The M822 helps you in all scenarios. So, when you are performing either cataract surgeries, corneal surgeries, and also retinal surgeries.

The results – Operate with greater precision and comfort

Using the M822 ophthalmic microscope, Dr. Dhami experiences optimal visualization during surgery. He says:

With the in-depth analysis of every vessel you're touching, every part of the eye that you are operating on, it becomes easier.

The brilliant, stable red reflex in particular supports surgical precision. It for example allows Dr. Dhami to assess how deep he is chopping the nucleus during cataract surgery or ensure all remnant cortical fibers have been cleaned. 

Dr. Dhami can perform a large number of surgeries with ease and comfort including any grade of nuclear cataracts. He says: “It is easy to use. And it's much more comfortable for doing surgeries.”

Disclaimer: Please note that off-label uses of products may be discussed. Consult with regulatory affairs for cleared indications for use in your region. The statements of the healthcare professionals included in this presentation reflect only their opinion and personal experience. They do not necessarily reflect the opinion of any institution with whom they are affiliated or Leica Microsystems.

About the M822 ophthalmic microscope from Leica Microsystems

The M822 ophthalmic surgical microscope from Leica Microsystems allows ophthalmic surgeons to see well, in both anterior and posterior eye surgeries, thanks to its optimal visualization, based on premium Leica optics, and its dual illumination system.

Designed with comfort in mind, the M822 offers a wide range of ergonomic binocular tubes, which allow surgeons to tailor the microscope to fit their physique. In addition, the M822 is versatile and interfaces with a wide assortment of viewing systems and accessories, helping to perform a variety of eye surgeries.

With dedicated microscope functions for smooth setup and operation, the M822 allows the entire team to work very efficiently, especially during setup between surgeries. Preprogrammed settings and special functions support precise and safe eye surgeries with an uninterrupted workflow, time and time again.

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