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Vollautomatisierte Mikromanipulation - Leica AM6000

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Myristoylated Alanine-Rich protein Kinase C Substrate (MARCKS) expression modulates the metastatic phenotype in human and murine colon carcinoma in vitro and in vivo
Krista Rombouts, Vinicio Carloni, Tommaso Mello, Sara Omenetti, Sara Galastri, Stefania Madiai, Andrea Galli, Massimo Pinzani (2013)
Cancer letters

Chronic cardiac pressure overload induces adrenal medulla hypertrophy and increased catecholamine synthesis.
Johanna Schneider, Achim Lother, Lutz Hein, Ralf Gilsbach (2011)
Basic research in cardiology 106 (4) p. 591-602

Genetic dissection of α2-adrenoceptor functions in adrenergic versus nonadrenergic cells.
Ralf Gilsbach, Christoph Röser, Nadine Beetz, Marc Brede, Kerstin Hadamek, Miriam Haubold, Jost Leemhuis, Melanie Philipp, Johanna Schneider, Michal Urbanski, Bela Szabo, David Weinshenker, Lutz Hein (2009)
Molecular pharmacology 75 (5) p. 1160-70

Enterovirus 71-induced autophagy detected in vitro and in vivo promotes viral replication.
Shu-Chen Huang, Chia-Lun Chang, Po-Shun Wang, Yu Tsai, Hsiao-Sheng Liu (2009)
Journal of medical virology 81 (7) p. 1241-52

Coordinated actions of actin and BAR proteins upstream of dynamin at endocytic clathrin-coated pits.
Shawn M Ferguson, Shawn Ferguson, Andrea Raimondi, Summer Paradise, Hongying Shen, Kumi Mesaki, Agnes Ferguson, Olivier Destaing, Genevieve Ko, Junko Takasaki, Ottavio Cremona, Eileen O' Toole, Pietro De Camilli (2009)
Developmental cell 17 (6) p. 811-22