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Leica DM8000 M Inspektions- und Reviewsystem für höchsten Durchsatz -

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Images of the same area of a processed wafer taken with standard (left) and oblique (right) brightfield illumination using a Leica compound microscope. The defect on the wafer surface is clearly more visible with oblique illumination.

Rapid Semiconductor Inspection with Microscope Contrast Methods

Semiconductor inspection for QC of materials like wafers can be challenging. Microscope solutions that offer several contrast methods enable fast and reliable defect detection and efficient workflows.

How to Boost your Microelectronic Component Inspection Performance

Do you need to see more when inspecting silicon wafers or MEMS? Would you like to get sharp and detailed sample images which are similar to those from electron microscopes? Watch this free webinar…

Brief Introduction to Surface Metrology

This report briefly discusses several important metrology techniques and standard definitions commonly used to assess the topography of surfaces, also known as surface texture or surface finish. With…


Märkte für industrielle Mikroskopie

Maximale Betriebszeit und effizientes Erreichen von Zielen helfen Ihnen, Ihr Ergebnis zu verbessern. Mit den Mikroskoplösungen von Leica Microsystems erhalten Sie Einblicke in kleinste Probendetails…
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