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Mica Der weltweit erste bildgebende Microhub.

Das ändert alles.

How to set up a multi-color experiment

Do you know how easy it is to get your fluorescent image?

How to easily set up a 3D time-lapse acquisition

How to scan multiple positions and larger samples

How to increase contrast in transmitted light

How to use an experiment template

What sample carriers Mica can handle and how to mount them?

How to combine fluorescence and brightfield imaging

How to navigate through your sample while keeping overview

How to image with automatic water immersion

How to automatically optimize the optics with SmartCORR

[Translate to German:] How to optimize your acquisition using Mica's Intelligent Imaging

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[Translate to German:] How to extract quantitative data from your image using the AI pixel classifier

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[Translate to German:] How to set up Mica for different sample vessels and image acquisition

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Meet Mica

We introduce Mica, a fully integrated imaging system that makes previously inaccessible experiments and spatial context available to all life science researchers.

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