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Automatisiertes, aufrechtes Mikroskopsystem für die Life-Science Forschung: Leica DM5500 B

Archiviertes Produkt
Ersetzt durch Leica DM4 B & DM6 B

Fgf10 overexpression enhances the formation of tissue-engineered small intestine
Yasuhiro Torashima, Daniel E Levin, Erik R Barthel, Allison L Speer, Frédéric G Sala, Xiaogang Hou, Tracy C Grikscheit (2013)
Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Metabolic Changes in Synechocystis PCC6803 upon Nitrogen-Starvation: Excess NADPH Sustains Polyhydroxybutyrate Accumulation
Waldemar Hauf, Maximilian Schlebusch, Jan Hüge, Joachim Kopka, Martin Hagemann, Karl Forchhammer (2013)
Metabolites 3 (1) p. 101-118

Distinct roles for ROCK1 and ROCK2 in the regulation of cell detachment
Jianjian Shi, Xiangbing Wu, Michelle Surma, Sasidhar Vemula, Lumin Zhang, Yu Yang, Reuben Kapur, Lei Wei (2013)
Cell death & disease 4 p. e483

Aftins Increase Amyloid-ß42, Lower Amyloid-ß38, and Do Not Alter Amyloid-ß40 Extracellular Production in vitro: Toward a Chemical Model of Alzheimer's Disease?
Arnaud Hochard, Nassima Oumata, Karima Bettayeb, Olfa Gloulou, Xavier Fant, Emilie Durieu, Nelly Buron, Mathieu Porceddu, Annie Borgne-Sanchez, Hervé Galons, Marc Flajolet, Laurent Meijer (2013)
Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD

Delineating breast cancer cell interactions with engineered bone microenvironments
Anna V Taubenberger, Verena M Quent, Laure Thibaudeau, Judith A Clements, Dietmar W Hutmacher (2013)
Journal of bone and mineral research

Unveiling LOX-1 receptor interplay with nanotopography: mechanotransduction and atherosclerosis onset
Carmine Di Rienzo, Emanuela Jacchetti, Francesco Cardarelli, Ranieri Bizzarri, Fabio Beltram, Marco Cecchini (2013)
Scientific reports 3 p. 1141

The dioxin receptor controls ß1 integrin activation in fibroblasts through A Cbp-Csk-Src pathway
Javier Rey-Barroso, Georgina P Colo, Alberto Alvarez-Barrientos, Javier Redondo-Muñoz, José M Carvajal-González, Sonia Mulero-Navarro, Angeles García-Pardo, Joaquín Teixidó, Pedro M Fernandez-Salguero (2013)
Cellular signalling

The monoterpene (-)-carvone: A novel agonist of TRPV1 channels
Juan Carlos R Gonçalves, Alethéia L Silveira, Héllio D N de Souza, Arthur A Nery, Vania F Prado, Marco A M Prado, Henning Ulrich, Demetrius A M Araújo (2013)

Identification of an essential endogenous regulator of blood-brain barrier integrity, and its pathological and therapeutic implications
Enrico Cristante, Simon McArthur, Claudio Mauro, Elisa Maggioli, Ignacio A Romero, Marzena Wylezinska-Arridge, Pierre O Couraud, Jordi Lopez-Tremoleda, Helen C Christian, Babette B Weksler, Andrea Malaspina, Egle Solito (2012)
PNAS p. 1209362110-

Electrospun nanofibrous cellulose scaffolds with controlled microarchitecture
Katia Rodríguez, Johan Sundberg, Paul Gatenholm, Scott Renneckar (2012)
Carbohydrate Polymers

Dissection of DNA Damage Responses Using Multiconditional Genetic Interaction Maps
Aude Guénolé, Rohith Srivas, Kees Vreeken, Ze Zhong Wang, Shuyi Wang, Nevan J. Krogan, Trey Ideker, Haico van Attikum (2012)
Molecular Cell

Different molecular mechanisms involved in spontaneous and oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial fragmentation in TriPeptidyl Peptidase-1 (TPP-1) deficient fibroblasts
Guillaume Van Beersel, Eliane Tihon, Stephane Demine, Isabelle Hamer, Michel Jadot, Thierry Arnould (2012)
Bioscience reports

Odor memory stability after reinnervation of the olfactory bulb
Eduardo Blanco-Hernández, Pablo Valle-Leija, Viviana Zomosa-Signoret, René Drucker-Colín, Román Vidaltamayo (2012)
PloS one 7 (10) p. e46338

Dynamic Motor Compensations with Permanent, Focal Loss of Forelimb Force after Cervical Spinal Cord Injury
Elisa López-Dolado, Ana M Lucas-Osma, Jorge E Collazos-Castro (2012)
Journal of neurotrauma

The Caenorhabditis elegans THO Complex Is Required for the Mitotic Cell Cycle and Development
Maikel Castellano-Pozo, Tatiana García-Muse, Andrés Aguilera (2012)
PloS one 7 (12) p. e52447

Novel Acid-Activated Fluorophores Reveal a Dynamic Wave of Protons in the Intestine of C. elegans
Aaron Bender, Zachary R Woydziak, Liqiang Fu, Michael Branden, Zhenguo Zhou, Brian D Ackley, Blake R Peterson (2012)
ACS chemical biology

Fluorescent protein vectors for promoter analysis in lactic acid bacteria and Escherichia coli
Tomás García-Cayuela, Luz P Gómez de Cadiñanos, M Luz Mohedano, Pilar Fernández de Palencia, Daniel Boden, Jerry Wells, Carmen Peláez, Paloma López, Teresa Requena (2012)
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 96 (1) p. 171-81

Anti-Fading Media for Live Cell GFP Imaging
Alexey M Bogdanov, Elena I Kudryavtseva, Konstantin A Lukyanov (2012)
PloS one 7 (12) p. e53004

Use of a Human-like Low-grade Bacteremia Model of Experimental Endocarditis to Study the Role of Staphylococcus aureus Adhesins and Platelet Aggregation in Early Endocarditis
Tiago Rafael Veloso, Aziz Chaouch, Thierry Roger, Marlyse Giddey, Jacques Vouillamoz, Paul Majcherczyk, Yok-Ai Que, Valentin Rousson, Philippe Moreillon, José Manuel Entenza (2012)
Infection and immunity p. IAI.01030-12-

Porcine Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Require LIF and Maintain Their Developmental Potential in Early Stage of Embryos
De Cheng, Yanjie Guo, Zhenzhen Li, Yajun Liu, Xing Gao, Yi Gao, Xiang Cheng, Junhe Hu, Huayan Wang (2012)
PloS one 7 (12) p. e51778

Upregulation of eIF-5A1 in the paralysed muscle after spinal cord transection associates with spontaneous hindlimb locomotor recovery in rats by upregulation of the ErbB, MAPK and neurotrophin signal pathways
Fei-Fei Shang, Wei Zhao, Qi Zhao, Jia Liu, Da-Wei Li, Hua Zhang, Xin-Fu Zhou, Chengyun Li, Ting-Hua Wang (2012)
Journal of proteomics

Identification and Characterization of a Potent Activator of P53-Independent Cellular Senescence Via a Small Molecule Screen for Modifiers of the Integrated Stress Response
Carly M Sayers, Ioanna Papandreou, David M Guttmann, Nancy L Maas, J Alan Diehl, Eric S Witze, Albert C Koong, Constantinos Koumenis (2012)
Molecular pharmacology p. mol.112.081810-

AtFH1 formin mutation affects actin filament and microtubule dynamics in Arabidopsis thaliana
Amparo Rosero, Viktor Zársky, Fatima Cvrcková (2012)
Journal of experimental botany p. ers351-

Reward for Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus for preying on a polyhydroxyalkanoate producer
Virginia Martínez, Edouard Jurkevitch, José Luis García, María Auxiliadora Prieto (2012)
Environmental Microbiology

Identification of two functional nuclear localization signals in the capsid protein of duck circovirus
Qi-Wang Xiang, Jin-Feng Zou, Xin Wang, Ya-Ni Sun, Ji-Ming Gao, Zhi-Jing Xie, Yu Wang, Yan-Li Zhu, Shi-Jin Jiang (2012)

Omega-3 PUFA ethanolamines DHEA and EPEA induce autophagy through PPARγ activation in MCF-7 breast cancer cells
Daniela Rovito, Cinzia Giordano, Donatella Vizza, Pierluigi Plastina, Ines Barone, Ivan Casaburi, Marilena Lanzino, Francesca De Amicis, Diego Sisci, Loredana Mauro, Saveria Aquila, Stefania Catalano, Daniela Bonofiglio, Sebastiano Andò (2012)
Journal of cellular physiology

Thyroid Hormone and Retinoic Acid Interact to Regulate Zebrafish Craniofacial Neural Crest Development
Brenda L Bohnsack, Alon Kahana (2012)
Developmental biology

High resolution fluorescence microscopy evidence on the transport of immunoglobulins. Differences between mammalian IgG, F(ab')2 and avian IgY
Carlos Sevcik, Víctor Salazar, Patricia Díaz, Gina D'Suze, Hilda Vázquez (2012)

Maria Francesca Santolla, Rosamaria Lappano, Paola De Marco, Marco Pupo, Adele Vivacqua, Diego Sisci, Sergio Abonante, Domenico Iacopetta, Anna Rita Cappello, Vincenza Dolce, Marcello Maggiolini (2012)
The Journal of biological chemistry p. M112.417303-

SMRT-mediated co-shuttling enables export of class IIa HDACs independent of their CaM Kinase phosphorylation sites
Francesc X Soriano, Sangeeta Chawla, Paul Skehel, Giles E Hardingham (2012)
Journal of neurochemistry

Endogenous transforming growth factor-beta promotes quiescence of primary microglia in vitro
Björn Spittau, Lena Wullkopf, Xiaolai Zhou, Jennifer Rilka, Dietmar Pfeifer, Kerstin Krieglstein (2012)

Divergent lymphocyte signalling revealed by a powerful new tool for analysis of time-lapse microscopy
Kim Pham, Raz Shimoni, Mandy J Ludford-Menting, Cameron J Nowell, Pavel Lobachevsky, Ze'ev Bomzon, Min Gu, Terence P Speed, C Jane McGlade, Sarah M Russell (2012)
Immunology and cell biology

IGF2BP1: A post-transcriptional "driver" of tumor cell migration
Nadine Stöhr, Stefan Hüttelmaier (2012)
Cell adhesion & migration 6 (4) p. 312-8

Dopaminergic axons preferentially innervate dendritic spines with hyperactive glutamatergic synapses in the rat striatum
Changlei Xu, Junpeng Zhao, Yujun Liu, Xianzhi Zeng, Yan Jia, Ying Wang, Xiaohua Jiang, Qunyuan Xu (2012)
Brain research

Epigenetic aspects of HP1 exchange kinetics in apoptotic chromatin
Sona Legartová, Alžbeta Jugová, Lenka Stixová, Stanislav Kozubek, Miloslava Fojtová, Zbynek Zdráhal, Gabriela Lochmanová, Eva Bártová (2012)

GATA4 and GATA6 control mouse pancreas organogenesis
Manuel Carrasco, Irene Delgado, Bernat Soria, Francisco Martín, Anabel Rojas (2012)
The Journal of clinical investigation 122 (10) p. 3504-15

The Directed Differentiation of Human iPS Cells into Kidney Podocytes
Bi Song, Alexandra M. Smink, Christina V. Jones, Judy M. Callaghan, Stephen D. Firth, Claude A. Bernard, Andrew L. Laslett, Peter G. Kerr, Sharon D. Ricardo (2012)
PLoS ONE 7 (9) p. e46453

Colonic patch and colonic SILT development are independent and differentially regulated events
A P Baptista, B J Olivier, G Goverse, M Greuter, M Knippenberg, K Kusser, R G Domingues, H Veiga-Fernandes, A D Luster, A Lugering, T D Randall, T Cupedo, R E Mebius (2012)
Mucosal immunology

Met Receptor Acts Uniquely for Survival and Morphogenesis of EGFR-Dependent Normal Mammary Epithelial and Cancer Cells
Paolo Accornero, Silvia Miretti, Francesca Bersani, Elena Quaglino, Eugenio Martignani, Mario Baratta (2012)
PLoS ONE 7 (9) p. e44982

New Secreted Toxins and Immunity Proteins Encoded within the Type VI Secretion System Gene Cluster of Serratia marcescens
Grant English, Katharina Trunk, Vincenzo A Rao, Velupillai Srikannathasan, William N Hunter, Sarah J Coulthurst (2012)
Molecular microbiology

Endogenous viral antigen processing generates peptide-specific MHC class I cell-surface clusters
Xiuju Lu, James S Gibbs, Heather D Hickman, Alexandre David, Brian P Dolan, Yetao Jin, David M Kranz, Jack R Bennink, Jonathan W Yewdell, Rajat Varma (2012)
PNAS p. 1208696109-

The binding of resveratrol to monomer and fibril amyloid beta
Jin-Fang Ge, Jin-Ping Qiao, Cong-Cong Qi, Chen-Wei Wang, Jiang-Ning Zhou (2012)
Neurochemistry International

Modulation of osteogenic, adipogenic and myogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by submicron grooved topography
Peng-Yuan Wang, Wen-Tyng Li, Jiashing Yu, Wei-Bor Tsai (2012)
Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine

Effects of oxygen-glucose deprivation on microglial mobility and viability in developing mouse hippocampal tissues
Ukpong Eyo, Michael E Dailey (2012)

Dual reporter approaches for identification of Cre efficacy and astrocyte heterogeneity
Joachim Degen, Pavel Dublin, Jiong Zhang, Radoslaw Dobrowolski, Melanie Jokwitz, Khalad Karram, Jacqueline Trotter, Ronald Jabs, Klaus Willecke, Christian Steinhäuser, Martin Theis (2012)
FASEB journal p. fj.12-207183-

A new microspore embryogenesis system under low temperature which mimics zygotic embryogenesis initials, expresses auxin and efficiently regenerates doubled-haploid plants in Brassica napus
Deepak Prem, María-Teresa Solis, Ivett Bárány, Héctor Rodríguez-Sanz, María C Risueño, Pilar S Testillano (2012)
BMC plant biology 12 (1) p. 127

Carbon black nanoparticles and vascular dysfunction in cultured endothelial cells and artery segments
Lise K. Vesterdal, Lone Mikkelsen, Janne K. Folkmann, Majid Sheykhzade, Yi Cao, Martin Roursgaard, Steffen Loft, Peter Møller (2012)
Toxicology Letters

A synthetic approach reveals extensive tunability of auxin signaling
K. A. Havens, J. M. Guseman, S. S. Jang, E. Pierre-Jerome, N. Bolten, E. Klavins, J. L. Nemhauser (2012)
PLANT PHYSIOLOGY pp.112.202184-

Co-cultured endometrial stromal cells and peritoneal mesothelial cells for an in vitro model of endometriosis
Zhenling Chen, Yi Dai, Zhe Dong, Menghui Li, Xuan Mu, Rui Zhang, Zhuo Wang, Wei Zhang, Jinghe Lang, Jinhua Leng, Xingyu Jiang (2012)
Integrative biology : quantitative biosciences from nano to macro

Vaccinia-related Kinase 1 (VRK1) Is an Upstream Nucleosomal Kinase Required for the Assembly of 53BP1 Foci in Response to Ionizing Radiation-induced DNA Damage
Marta Sanz-García, Diana M Monsalve, Ana Sevilla, Pedro A Lazo (2012)
The Journal of biological chemistry 287 (28) p. 23757-68

The faah gene is the first direct target of estrogen in the testis: role of histone demethylase LSD1
Paola Grimaldi, Mariangela Pucci, Sara Di Siena, Daniele Di Giacomo, Valentina Pirazzi, Raffaele Geremia, Mauro Maccarrone (2012)
Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS

The centriolar satellite protein Cep131 is important for genome stability
Christopher J Staples, Katie N Myers, Ryan D D Beveridge, Abhijit A Patil, Alvin J X Lee, Charles Swanton, Michael Howell, Simon J Boulton, Spencer J Collis (2012)
Journal of cell science p. jcs.104059-

Paxillin and Hic-5 Interaction with Vinculin Is Differentially Regulated by Rac1 and RhoA
Nicholas O Deakin, Christoph Ballestrem, Christopher E Turner (2012)
PloS one 7 (5) p. e37990

An essential function of sphingolipids in yeast cell division
Sharon Epstein, Guillaume A Castillon, Yongmei Qin, Howard Riezman (2012)
Molecular microbiology

Photocrosslinking, micropatterning and cell adhesion studies of sodium hyaluronate with a trisdiazonium salt
Miguel Lomba, Luis Oriol, Carlos Sánchez, Valeria Grazú, Berta Sáez Gutiérrez, José Luis Serrano, Jesús Martínez De la Fuente (2012)
Carbohydrate Polymers

Phototoxic effects of fluorescent protein KillerRed on tumor cells in mice
Marina V Shirmanova, Ekaterina O Serebrovskaya, Konstantin A Lukyanov, Ludmila B Snopova, Marina A Sirotkina, Natalia N Prodanetz, Marina L Bugrova, Ekaterina A Minakova, Ilya V Turchin, Vladislav A Kamensky, Sergey A Lukyanov, Elena V Zagaynova (2012)
Journal of biophotonics

NEX-TRAP, a novel method for in vivo analysis of nuclear export of proteins
Verena Raschbichler, Diana Lieber, Susanne M Bailer (2012)
Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark) 9999 (999A)

Liver X Receptor Activation Reduces Angiogenesis by Impairing Lipid Raft Localization and Signaling of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-2
Alessio Noghero, Alessia Perino, Giorgio Seano, Elisa Saglio, Giuseppe Lo Sasso, Franco Veglio, Luca Primo, Emilio Hirsch, Federico Bussolino, Fulvio Morello (2012)
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology p. ATVBAHA.112.250621-

In vivo subcellular localization of Mal de Río Cuarto virus (MRCV) non-structural proteins in insect cells reveals their putative functions
Guillermo A Maroniche, Vanesa C Mongelli, Gabriela Llauger, Victoria Alfonso, Oscar Taboga, Mariana Del Vas (2012)

Surface Coating as a Key Parameter in Engineering Neuronal Network Structures In Vitro
Yi Sun, Zhuo Huang, Wenwen Liu, Kaixuan Yang, Kang Sun, Shige Xing, Dong Wang, Wei Zhang, Xingyu Jiang (2012)
Biointerphases 7 (1-4)

LINC complex alterations in DMD and EDMD/CMT fibroblasts
Surayya Taranum, Eva Vaylann, Peter Meinke, Sabu Abraham, Liu Yang, Sascha Neumann, Iakowos Karakesisoglou, Manfred Wehnert, Angelika A. Noegel (2012)
European Journal of Cell Biology

Imaging of Fas–FasL membrane microdomains during apoptosis in a reconstituted cell–cell junction
Ling Zhang, Yoshihisa Kaizuka, Nobutaka Hanagata (2012)
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Developmental dynamics of PAFAH1B subunits during mouse brain development
Teresa Escamez, Olga Bahamonde, Rafael Tabares-Seisdedos, Eduardo Vieta, Salvador Martinez, Diego Echevarria (2012)
The Journal of comparative neurology

Fate map of the dental mesenchyme: Dynamic development of the dental papilla and follicle
Michaela Rothová, Renata Peterková, Abigail Tucker (2012)
Developmental Biology

Supernumerary formation of olfactory glomeruli induced by chronic odorant exposure: a constructivist expression of neural plasticity
Pablo Valle-Leija, Eduardo Blanco-Hernández, Rene Drucker-Colín, Gabriel Gutiérrez-Ospina, Roman Vidaltamayo (2012)
PloS one 7 (4) p. e35358

Insulin-like growth factor-I regulates GPER expression and function in cancer cells
P De Marco, V Bartella, A Vivacqua, R Lappano, M F Santolla, A Morcavallo, V Pezzi, A Belfiore, M Maggiolini (2012)

Differential regulation of node formation, nodal ciliogenesis and cilia positioning by Noto and Foxj1
Leonie Alten, Karin Schuster-Gossler, Anja Beckers, Stephanie Groos, Bärbel Ulmer, Jan Hegermann, Matthias Ochs, Achim Gossler (2012)
Development (Cambridge, England) p. dev.072728-

Transgene-mediated cosuppression and RNA interference enhance germ-line apoptosis in Caenorhabditis elegans
Adele Adamo, Alexander Woglar, Nicola Silva, Alexandra Penkner, Verena Jantsch, Adriana La Volpe (2012)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America p. 1107390109-

Rab8a regulates the exocyst-mediated kiss-and-run discharge of the Dictyostelium contractile vacuole 
Miriam Essid, Navin Gopaldass, Kunito Yoshida, Christien Merrifield, Thierry Soldati (2012)  
Molecular biology of the cell ;p. mbc.E11-06-0576-

Molecular and functional studies of 4 candidate loci in Pendred syndrome and nonsyndromic hearing loss.
Valentina Cirello, Claudia Bazzini, Valeria Vezzoli, Marina Muzza, Simona Rodighiero, Pierangela Castorina, Antonia Maffini, Guido Bottà, Luca Persani, Paolo Beck-Peccoz, Giuliano Meyer, Laura Fugazzola (2012)
Molecular and cellular endocrinology

Migratory sub-populations of afferent lymphatic dendritic cells differ in their interactions with Mycobacterium bovis Bacille Calmette Guerin.
J C Hope, E Guzman, C Cubillos-Zapata, S A Stephens, S C Gilbert, H Prentice, P Sopp, C J Howard, B Charleston (2012)

Isolation of the stromal-vascular fraction of mouse bone marrow markedly enhances the yield of clonogenic stromal progenitors.
Colby Suire, Nathalie Brouard, Karen Hirschi, Paul J Simmons (2012)
Blood p. blood-2011-08-372334-

Analysis of alternative splicing of cassette exons at single-cell level using two fluorescent proteins.
Nadya G Gurskaya, Dmitry B Staroverov, Lijuan Zhang, Arkady F Fradkov, Nadezhda M Markina, Anton P Pereverzev, Konstantin A Lukyanov (2012)
Nucleic acids research p. gkr1314-

Bayesian Image Analysis of Dexamethasone and Shear Stress-Induced Glucocorticoid Receptor Intracellular Movement.
Arman Nayebosadri, Lauren Christopher, Julie Y Ji (2012)
Annals of biomedical engineering p. 1-12

Decreases of glycine receptor expression induced by median nerve injury in the rat cuneate nucleus contribute to NPY release and c-Fos expression.
Seu-Hwa Chen, Yi-Ju Tsai, Hsin-Ying Wang, Chi-Te Lin, Shin-Fang Li, June-Horng Lue (2011)
Life sciences

Long-Range Transport of Giant Vesicles along Microtubule Networks.
Christoph Herold, Cécile Leduc, Robert Stock, Stefan Diez, Petra Schwille (2011)
Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical physics and physical chemistry

Cell fate after mitotic arrest in different tumor cells is determined by the balance between slippage and apoptotic threshold.
Patricia Galán-Malo, Laura Vela, Oscar Gonzalo, Rubén Calvo-Sanjuán, Lucía Gracia-Fleta, Javier Naval, Isabel Marzo (2011)
Toxicology and applied pharmacology

Localization of nerve growth factor (NGF) receptors in the mitochondrial compartment: Characterization and putative role.
Valentina Carito, Attilio Pingitore, Erika Cione, Ida Perrotta, Domenico Mancuso, Antonio Russo, Giuseppe Genchi, Maria Cristina Caroleo (2011)
Biochimica et biophysica acta

Cntnap2 expression in the cerebellum of Foxp2(R552H) mice, with a mutation related to speech-language disorder.
Eriko Fujita, Yuko Tanabe, Mariko Y Momoi, Takashi Momoi (2011)
Neuroscience letters

Microanatomy of adult zebrafish extraocular muscles
Daniel S Kasprick, Phillip E Kish, Tyler L Junttila, Lindsay A Ward, Brenda L Bohnsack, Alon Kahana (2011)
PloS one 6 (11) p. e27095

Myosin concentration underlies cell size-dependent scalability of actomyosin ring constriction.
Meredith E K Calvert, Graham D Wright, Fong Yew Leong, Keng-Hwee Chiam, Yinxiao Chen, Gregory Jedd, Mohan K Balasubramanian (2011)
The Journal of cell biology 195 (5) p. 799-813

Biocompatible noisy nanotopographies with specific directionality for controlled anisotropic cell cultures
Sandro Meucci, Ilaria Tonazzini, Fabio Beltram, Marco Cecchini (2012)
Soft Matter

Shaping Fission Yeast Cells by Rerouting Actin-Based Transport on Microtubules.
Libera Lo Presti, Sophie G Martin (2011)
Current biology

Recruitment of Oct4 Protein to UV-Damaged Chromatin in Embryonic Stem Cells
Eva Bártová, Gabriela Šustácková, Lenka Stixová, Stanislav Kozubek, Sona Legartová, Veronika Foltánková (2011)
PLoS ONE 6 (12) p. e27281

Evidence for a dual function of EphB4 as tumour promoter and suppressor regulated by the absence or presence of the ephrin-B2 ligand
Raphael Rutkowski, Inga Mertens-Walker, Jessica E Lisle, Adrian C Herington, Sally-Anne Stephenson (2011)
International Journal of Cancer

Cross-talk between endothelial and breast cancer cells regulates reciprocal expression of angiogenic factors in vitro.
Cara F Buchanan, Christopher S Szot, Tia D Wilson, Steven Akman, Linda J Metheny-Barlow, John L Robertson, Joseph W Freeman, Marissa Nichole Rylander (2011)
Journal of cellular biochemistry

In Vivo Mapping of Hydrogen Peroxide and Oxidized Glutathione Reveals Chemical and Regional Specificity of Redox Homeostasis.
Simone C Albrecht, Ana Gomes Barata, Jörg Großhans, Aurelio A Teleman, Tobias P Dick (2011)
Cell metabolism

UHRF1 phosphorylation by Cyclin A2/CDK2 is required for zebrafish embryogenesis.
Jaime Chu, Elizabeth A Loughlin, Naseem A Gaur, Sucharita Senbanerjee, Vinitha Jacob, Christopher Monson, Brandon Kent, Amanke Oranu, Yuanying Ding, Chinweike Ukomadu, Kirsten C Sadler (2011)
Molecular biology of the cell p. mbc.E11-06-0487-

The non-canonical NOTCH ligand DLK1 exhibits a novel vascular role as a strong inhibitor of angiogenesis.
Patricia Rodríguez, María Angeles Higueras, Alvaro González-Rajal, Arántzazu Alfranca, Marta Fierro-Fernández, Rosa Ana García-Fernández, Maria José Ruiz-Hidalgo, María Monsalve, Fernando Rodríguez-Pascual, Juan Miguel Redondo, Jose Luis de la Pompa, Jorge Laborda, Santiago Lamas (2011)
Cardiovascular research p. cvr296-

The opiate analgesic buprenorphine decreases proliferation of adult hippocampal neuroblasts and increases survival of their progeny
Alexandra S. Pettit, Rebecca DesRoches, Steffany A.L. Bennett (2011)

Phylogenetic, chemical and morphological diversity of Cyanobacteria from Portuguese temperate estuaries
Viviana R. Lopes, Vitor Ramos, António Martins, Marcos Sousa, Martin Welker, Agostinho Antunes, Vítor M. Vasconcelos (2011)
Marine Environmental Research

2-Methoxycinnamaldehyde inhibits tumor angiogenesis by suppressing Tie2 activation.
Daishi Yamakawa, Hiroyasu Kidoya, Susumu Sakimoto, Weizhen Jia, Nobuyuki Takakura (2011)
Biochemical and biophysical research communications

Selective photodynamic therapy based on aggregation-induced emission enhancement of fluorescent organic nanoparticles.
Cheng-Chung Chang, Meng-Chieh Hsieh, Jung-Chih Lin, Ta-Chau Chang (2011)

MULTIMERIN2 impairs tumor angiogenesis and growth by interfering with VEGF-A/VEGFR2 pathway.
E Lorenzon, R Colladel, E Andreuzzi, S Marastoni, F Todaro, M Schiappacassi, G Ligresti, A Colombatti, M Mongiat (2011)

Preparation of Fluoroionophores Based on Diamine-Salicylaldehyde Derivatives
Wang-Hua Hong, Chu-Chieh Lin, Tung-Sheng Hsieh, Cheng-Chung Chang (2011)
Dyes and Pigments

FGF10 controls the patterning of the tracheal cartilage rings via Shh.
Frédéric G Sala, Pierre-Marie Del Moral, Caterina Tiozzo, Denise Al Alam, David Warburton, Tracy Grikscheit, Jacqueline M Veltmaat, Saverio Bellusci (2011)
Development (Cambridge, England) 138 (2) p. 273-82

Calpain-mediated dystrophin disruption may be a potential structural culprit behind chronic doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy
Erica C. Campos, João L. O'Connell, Lygia M. Malvestio, Minna M. Dias Romano, Simone G. Ramos, Mara Rúbia N. Celes, Cibele M. Prado, Marcus V. Simões, Marcos A. Rossi (2011)
European Journal of Pharmacology

Temporal expression and mitochondrial localization of a Foxp2 isoform lacking the forkhead domain in developing Purkinje cells.
Yuko Tanabe, Yuji Fujiwara, Ayumi Matsuzaki, Eriko Fujita, Tadashi Kasahara, Shigeki Yuasa, Takashi Momoi (2011)
Journal of neurochemistry

Survivin monomer plays an essential role in apoptosis regulation.
Marat S Pavlyukov, Nadezhda V Antipova, Maria V Balashova, Tatjana V Vinogradova, Evgenij P Kopantzev, Mihail I Shakhparonov (2011)
The Journal of biological chemistry 286 (26) p. 23296-307

Reduced GABAergic inhibition explains cortical hyperexcitability in the wobbler mouse model of ALS.
Jose Luis Nieto-Gonzalez, Jakob Moser, Martin Lauritzen, Thomas Schmitt-John, Kimmo Jensen (2011)
Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991) 21 (3) p. 625-35

Aggregation-induced emission enhancement characteristics of naphthalimide derivatives and their applications in cell imaging
Hsin-Hung Lin, Yung-Chieh Chan, Jyun-Wei Chen, Cheng-Chung Chang (2011)
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (9) p. 3170

Modeling Nuclear Blebs in a Nucleoskeleton of Independent Filament Networks
Nicholas S. Wren, Zhixia Zhong, Russell S. Schwartz, Kris Noel Dahl (2011)
Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering p. 1-9

The G protein-coupled receptor 30 is up-regulated by hypoxia-inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) in breast cancer cells and cardiomyocytes.
Anna Grazia Recchia, Ernestina Marianna De Francesco, Adele Vivacqua, Diego Sisci, Maria Luisa Panno, Sebastiano Andò, Marcello Maggiolini (2011)
The Journal of biological chemistry 286 (12) p. 10773-82

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