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DFC7000 T and DFC7000 GT CCD-Mikroskop-Kamera

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Camera type Digital color, high-sensitivity, cooled camera for fluorescence and brightfield microscopy
Housing Aluminum, Size (L × W × H) 120mm x 93mm x 150mm, Weight 1,900 g
Sensor Sony® ICX674AQG CCD, Exview HAD II technology, quad-tap
Shutter Interline transfer progressive scan, global shutter
Pixel 1920 x 1440 (~ 2.8 MP); 4,54μm x 4,54μm pixel size
Full well capacity > 15.000 electrons (e-) typical
Color filter RGB Bayer mask
Exposure time 4 μsec - 200 sec*
Bit depth 8 bit / 12 bit
A/D converter 16 bit
Binning modes 2x2 (mono/ color); 4x4 (mono/ color); 3x3 (mono/color; speed optimized); 5x5 (mono/color; speed optimized);
color sensitive binning: R,G, or B pixel only
Partial scan Freely definable ROI (region of interest), combination with binning possible
Dark noise <0,05 e-/px/sec
Read out noise typ. 6 e-/ 10 MHz
Dynamic range ~ 68 dB
Pixel clocking rate 25 MHz/ 40 MHz
Analog gain continuous 1× – 10×
Advanced features Image averaging, sharpening, black balance, on-head image buffer, quad-tap read out and mono-tap read out, external trigger capability; dynamic defect pixel correction
Image formats fps*at 40 MHz/ 8 bit
Full frame 1920 x 1440 Color/Mono: 40
2x2 binning 960 x 720 Color/Mono: 40
3x3 binning 640 x 480 Color/Mono: 91
4x4 binning 480 x 360 Color/Mono: 40
5x5 binning 384 x 288 Color/Mono: 123
Supported operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32-/64-bit)*
Software Leica LAS X, Leica LAS
c-mount 0.7x for inverted and upright compound microscopes; 0.63x for stereo microscopes
Interfaces USB 3.0 single cable and optional trigger cable 
Power supply 5V via external DC power supply
Power consumption ~14 W (with Peltier cooling)
Operating temp. range +5°C .. +50°C
Storage temperature -20°C .. +70°C
Air humidity max 80%, non-condensing

(all information subject to modification without prior notice)
*depends on software in use

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