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Unterstützte Hardware (Widefield systems)

CCD Kameras, monochrome DFC340 FX, DFC345 FX, DFC350 FX, DFC360 FX, DFC365 FX, DFC3000 G, DFC9000 GT/ GTC, Photometrics Myo, Photometrics Kino
CCD Kameras, Farbe DFC310FX, DFC425 /C, DFC450 /C, DFC495, DFC550, DFC7000T, DMC4500
EM CCD Kameras Andor iXon 885/897, Andor iXonUltra 888/ 897, Andor iXonX3 885/897, Hamamatsu C9100 -02/-13/-14, Photometrics Evolve 512/ Delta
sCMOS Kameras, monochrome Hamamatsu Orca R2, Hamamatsu Flash 4.0 / V2, Andor Neo 5.5, Andor Zyla 4.2, PCO Edge 4.2, PCO Edge 5.5
CMOS Kameras, Farbe DFC295, DMC2900, IC80HD, IC90E, ICC50 HD/W/E, MC120 HD, MC170 HD, MC190 HD
LED Fluoreszent Lichtquellen Leica SFL7000, Lumencor Spectra X, Lumen Dynamics XLED1, CoolLED pE-300W, CoolLed pE-4000
LED Lichtquellen für Stereomikroskope Leica LED5000 RL Ringlight, Leica LED5000 SLI Spotlight, Leica LED5000 MCI Multi contrast illumination system
Andere Fluoreszent Lichtquellen Leica EL6000, Lumen Dynamics: X-Cite 200 DC, Sutter Instruments: DG-4 Plus and DG-5 Plus (versions from July 2015 or later).
Motorisierte Tische und Scanningtische für inverse Mikroskope  Leica motorized 3-plate-stage, Leica scanning stage 127x83, Marzhauser SCANplus IM 130 x 85 scanning stage with encoder, LMT200 high precision scanning stage with encoder
Motorisierte Tische und Scanningtische für aufrechte Forschungsmikroskope Scanning stage 100 x 100 mot, Scanning stage 130 x 85 for 4 slides, Scanning stage for 8 slides, Motorized Stage 75 x 50 with integrated controller, Motorized Stage for DM6 B (STAGE-BM mot. 7238)
Motorisierte Tische und Scanningtische für Stereomikroskope  LMT260 XY high precision scanning stage, Motorized IsoPro 6x4” XY stage
Inkubatoren und Klimazubehör PeconTempController 2000-1, Pecon TempController 2000-2, Pecon CO2-Controller 2000, Pecon CO2/O2-Controller 2000, Tokai Hit INUBG2ATFP-WSKM Controller (110-120V), Tokai Hit INUBG2ETFP-WSKM Controller (220-240V), Life Imaging Services (Ludin) Cube2, Life Imaging Services (Ludin) Brick, Okolab CO2 Unit-BL, Okolab CO2-O2 Unit-BL, Okolab H201-T-UNIT-BL, Okolab H301-T-UNIT-BL, Okolab Uno
Feinfokus  Leica SuperZ Galvo
Leica Externe Filterräder  High speed filter wheels including (27ms switching time)
Dual View Beam Splitter Photometrics Dual View DV2
Leica Wasserimmersions-Mikrodispenser Water immersion dispenser to compensate evaporation. Ideal for screening and multi positioning experiments (compatible objectives)
Leica MotCorr Motorized movement of correction ring (dedicated objectives only)