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Quyen Tran , PhD

Quyen Tran

Quyen Tran, Ph.D., ist Global Business Excellence Manager, Data & Analysis bei Leica Microsystems. Sie schloss ihre Promotion in Biomedizintechnik an der University of Wisconsin - Madison ab, wo sie das Verhalten von Stammzellen in 3D-Konstrukten auf Proteinbasis untersuchte, die mit Multiphotonenmikroskopie hergestellt wurden. Quyen arbeitet seit der Gründung von Aivia mit dem Unternehmen zusammen und konzentriert sich derzeit auf die Unterstützung des Vertriebs- und Produktentwicklungsteams bei der Bereitstellung von kundenorientierten Bildanalyselösungen. Außerdem bringt Quyen ihre Perspektive als Anwenderin und Aivia-Expertin in die Erstellung und Verwaltung des Aivia-Marketingplans ein.

AI-Powered Multiplexed Image Analysis to Explore Colon Adenocarcinoma

In this application note, we demonstrate a spatial biology workflow via an AI-powered multiplexed image analysis-based exploration of the tumor immune microenvironment in colon adenocarcinoma.
Image of fixed U2OS cell expressing mEmerald-Tomm20 denoised using a 3D RCAN model trained with matching low and high SNR image pairs acquired on an iSIM system.

AI Microscopy Image Analysis – An Introduction

Artificial intelligence-guided microscopy image analysis and visualization is a powerful tool for data-driven scientific discovery. AI can help researchers tackle challenging imaging applications,…
H&E stained micrograph of an intramucosal esophageal adenocarcinoma (left) enhanced with Aivia’s Pixel Classifier (right)

Simplifying the Cancer Biology Image Analysis Workflow

As cancer biology data sets grow, so do the challenges in microscopy image analysis. Aivia experts cover how to overcome these challenges with AI.
Single timepoint of a time-lapse recording of mammary epithelial micro spheroid cultured in 3D highlighting individual mitotic events

Observing Complex Cellular Interactions at Multiple Scales

Learn how to observe challenging cellular interactions with easy to deploy object detection and relationship measurements.
Aivia_Neuroscience-VBE comparison mouse-1_traced_ROI

Accelerating Neuron Image Analysis with Automation

The ability to examine complex neural processes relies on the accurate reconstruction of neuronal networks at scale. Most data extraction methods in neuroscience research are time-consuming and…
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