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Korrelatives Licht- und Elektronenmikroskop EM Cryo CLEM

  • Kryoelektronentomographie

    Leica Microsystems und Thermo Fisher Scientific haben gemeinsam einen perfekt abgestimmtem Kryoelektronentomographie-Workflow entwickelt, der es ermöglicht, Zellmechanismen mit Subnanometer-Auflösung…
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  • Webinar: Integrated Cryo-tomography Workflow

    Analyzing purified protein structures in a cellular context is key to understanding how proteins and protein complexes function. Thermo Fisher Scientific and Leica Microsystems developed the…
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  • Correlative Cryo-Fluorescence and Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy as a Straightforward Tool to Study Host-Pathogen Interactions

    Correlative light and electron microscopy is an imaging technique that enables identification and targeting of fluorescently tagged structures with subsequent imaging at near-to-nanometer resolution.…
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  • Imaging of Host Cell-bacteria Interactions using Correlative Microscopy under Cryo-conditions

    Pathogenic bacteria have developed intriguing strategies to establish and promote infections in their respective hosts. Most bacterial pathogens initiate infectious diseases by adhering to host cells…
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  • Cryo-electron Microscopy of Tubular Arrays of HIV-1 Gag Resolves Structures Essential for Immature Virus Assembly

    HIV-1 undergoes a two-step assembly process. First, an immature noninfectious particle is assembled, which leaves the infected cell. Second, the structural protein, Gag, is cleaved in the virus by the…
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  • Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy – Get Your Free CLEM e-Book for Download

    The urge to go deeper into the microscopic world has led researchers to combine the versatility of the light microscopy (LM) with the resolution power of the electron microscope (EM) to produce…
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  • Cryo CLEM – the Combination of Cryo Fluorescence Microscopy with Cryo Electron Microscopy

    Many biological insights can be obtained by combining the power of Fluorescence Microscopy (FM) with that of Electron Microscopy (EM) to study the same sample – this is called Correlative Light and…
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  • New Insights into Cilia and Flagella by Cryo-EM

    Cilia and flagella were the first organelles to be discovered and have been studied for centuries. However, their essential role in humans and how ciliary defects cause diseases are still not well…
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  • CLEM: Combining the Strengths of Light and Electron Microscopy

    In recent years light microscopy studies have been dominated by live cell imaging while electron microscopy has been used for high-resolution studies. Latterly, there has been increasing interest in…
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