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Leica FL400 Blaulicht-Fluoreszenz Modul

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Tumor resection leveraging 5-ALA fluorescence. Image courtesy of Dr. Carla Reizinho.

Surgical Management of High-Grade Gliomas

Learn about the surgical management of high-grade gliomas and how to expand the extent of resection intra-operatively using tools such as 5-ALA fluorescence.
Advancing pediatric brain tumor surgery. Picture copyright: Shutterstock

Advancing Surgery in Pediatric Brain Tumors

Learn how fluorescence-guided surgery supports pediatric brain tumor resection and improves precision through literature review and clinical cases.

Enhanced Views in Bypass and AVM Surgeries with Fluorescent Filters

Leica Microsystems is a pioneer in the field of fluorescence microscopy technology, developing innovative fluorescent modules for various medical applications. Our TriFluoro filter concept enables up…


Mikroskope für die Neurochirurgie

Unsere hochmodernen OP-Mikroskope für die Neurochirurgie ermöglichen eine optimale und verlässliche Visualisierung, in Kombination mit integrierten Fluoreszenzfiltern und innovativer GLOW 800…
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