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Particles observed on the surface of a particle trap which could be used for technical cleanliness during battery production.

Battery Particle Detection During the Production Process

How battery particle detection and analysis is enhanced with optical microscopy and laser spectroscopy for rapid, reliable, and cost-effective QC during battery production is explained in this…
Particulate contamination in between moving metal plates.

Key Factors for Efficient Cleanliness Analysis

An overview of the key factors necessary for technical cleanliness and efficient cleanliness analysis concerning automotive and electronics manufacturing and production is provided in this article.
Electric car - generic 3d rendering

Technical Cleanliness in the Automotive Industry for Electromobility

This free on-demand webinar covers the increasing focus on technical cleanliness in the automotive industry for electromobility and the VDA 19.1 revision.
User analyzing particles and fibers on a filter for cleanliness analysis with the DM6 M LIBS 2-methods-in-1 solution.

Basics in Component Cleanliness Analysis

An overview on the basics of component cleanliness and analysis solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs is presented. For the automotive industry, obtaining results rapidly, accurately,…

3 Factors Determine the Damage Potential of Particles

This article discusses the 3 factors for determining the potential of a particle to cause damage to parts and components in the automotive and electronic industry. These factors include the…

Cleanliness Analysis with a 2-Methods-in-1 Solution

In this article, it is examined how an overall efficient and cost-effective cleanliness analysis workflow can be achieved with a 2-methods-in-1 materials analysis solution, combining optical…
The various solutions from Leica Microsystems for cleanliness analysis.

Factors to Consider for a Cleanliness Analysis Solution

Choosing the right cleanliness analysis solution is important for optimal quality control. This article discusses the important factors that should be taken into account to find the solution that best…
Type of contamination: spores

Cleanliness Analysis for Particulate Contamination

Devices, products, and their components fabricated in many industries can be quite sensitive to contamination and, as a result, have stringent requirements for technical cleanliness. Measurement…
[Translate to German:] Particles and fibers on a filter which will be counted and analyzed for cleanliness

Effiziente Partikelzählung und -analyse

Dieser Bericht befasst sich mit der Partikelzählung und -analyse unter Verwendung der optischen Mikroskopie bei der technischen Sauberkeitsanalyse von Teilen und Komponenten. Die Partikelzählung und…
A stack of lithium-ion batteries

Quality Control Under the Microscope

Fast-rising demand for electric vehicles is one of the market’s main drivers, but there are other hotspots of growth, including the rise in renewable energy installations, such as photovoltaic panels,…
When particulate contamination is present in lubricating fluids or oils, it can cause damage to parts or components leading to malfunctions.

Hydraulics in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Cleanliness standards relating to lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and oils, e.g., ISO 4406 and DIN 51455 are discussed in this article. Cleanliness plays a central role in the automotive and…
[Translate to German:] Particles which could be found during cleanliness analysis of parts and components.

Technische Sauberkeit von Automobilkomponenten und -teilen

In diesem Artikel werden die ISO-Norm 16232 und die VDA 19-Richtlinien erläutert und die Verfahren zur Partikelanalyse kurz zusammengefasst. Diese liefern wichtige Kriterien für die Sauberkeit von…
Particle analysis with LIBS using the DM6 M LIBS 2-in-1 solution: Particle of brass, an alloy of copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn).

High Speed for Your Material Analysis Workflow

Learn from our expert, Dr. Konstantin Kartaschew, how the intelligent combination of light microscopy with laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) will truly accelerate your root-cause-analysis…


Automobilindustrie und Transport Industriemikroskope

Leica ist Ihr zuverlässiger Partner für Bildgebungslösungen, die Ihnen zu einem Wettbewerbsvorteil verhelfen können. Mit unseren intelligenten Mikroskopsystemen können Sie sich voll darauf…

Technische Sauberkeit

For industrial and electronics manufacturers as well as non-regulated pharma applications, solutions for an efficient technical cleanliness offer significant advantages.

Mikroskope für Materialanalysen

Die Materialanalyse erfordert Mikroskoplösungen für die Bildgebung, Messung und Analyse von Merkmalen in einer Vielzahl von Materialien wie Metalllegierungen, Halbleitern, Glas und Keramik sowie…

Märkte für industrielle Mikroskopie

Maximale Betriebszeit und effizientes Erreichen von Zielen helfen Ihnen, Ihr Ergebnis zu verbessern. Mit den Mikroskoplösungen von Leica Microsystems erhalten Sie Einblicke in kleinste Probendetails…
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