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  • Imagerie des cellules vivantes

    Passant de la perspective basée sur des composants de microscopes individuels à la solution d'imagerie des cellules vivantes parfaitement fonctionnelle, Leica Microsystems intègre le microscope, le…
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  • Microscopie Fluorescente

    La fluorescence est l'un des phénomènes physiques les plus couramment utilisés en microscopie biologique et analytique, principalement en raison de sa grande sensibilité et de sa haute spécificité.…
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  • Image Gallery: THUNDER Imager

    To help you answer important scientific questions, THUNDER Imagers eliminate the out-of-focus blur that clouds the view of thick samples when using camera-based fluorescence microscopes. They achieve…
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  • Drosophila Testis Niche Stem Cells – Three Color Computational Clearing

    Differentiated living beings such as humans, but also a fruit fly or a plant, possess not only the differentiated cells which form specific tissues, but also those cells whose fate is not yet (or only…
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  • Alzheimer Plaques: fast Visualization in Thick Sections

    More than 60% of all diagnosed cases of dementia are attributed to Alzheimer’s disease. Typical of this disease are histological alterations in the brain tissue. So far, there is no cure for this…
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  • THUNDER Technology Note

    So far, widefield microscopy was not suitable to image larger volumes, since the contrast of the recorded fluorescence image is reduced by the background (BG) mainly originating from out of focus…
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