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Operationsmikroskopsystem für Otolaryngologie sowie Neuro-, Wirbelsäulen- und HNO-Chirurgie Leica M525 F20

  • From dentistry to micro-dentistry: See more – optimize your dental workflow

    Endodontics expert Fabio Gorni shares his vast experience in micro-dentistry and provides answers to questions of the webinar participants at the end of the recording. This webinar allows you to…
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  • Optimized Vision in Endodontic Surgeries and Procedures

    Microscopes are playing an increasingly important role in endodontic surgery as they enable minimally invasive procedures to be carried out. Endodontists can work with high precision from the first…
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    Covid-19: Mitigating Risks in Dentistry

    The coronavirus pandemic poses significant challenges for dental professions. Learn how microscopes can help increase physical distance and minimize risks.
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  • Overcoming Complexities in Microdentistry

    Dr. Salam Abu Arqub, from the Smile Engineer Dental Center in Amman, Jordan, has been using Leica dental microscopes for three years for all procedures performed at the clinic. He shared his…
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  • Just What the Surgeon Wants

    We’ve all experienced an everyday product at some time that had great technology and a stylish design but was totally impractical to use. A designer coffee pot that spills its contents all round the…
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