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Free Flap Procedures in Oncological Reconstructive Surgery

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Free flap surgery is considered the gold standard for breast, head and neck reconstructions for cancer patients. These procedures, which enable functional and aesthetic rehabilitation, can be quite complex. They demand high levels of precision, which requires excellent visualization. Innovative technologies, such as fluorescence and Augmented Reality, can also support better decision-making in the Operating Room.

Overview of our Free Flap Procedures Informative Brochure

  • Introduction & most used free flap procedures
    • Head and neck reconstruction
    • Breast reconstruction 
  • Challenges during reconstructive surgery
  • Groundbreaking solutions
    • Enhanced ergonomics
    • Outstanding optical features
    • Groundbreaking visualization technology

Discover how groundbreaking solutions can help overcome the challenges and complications of free flap procedures. For example, did you know that the use of fluorescent angiography can lead to a reduction in the rate of flap necrosis and flap loss? And that an ergonomic surgical microscope can limit musculoskeletal issues?

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