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  • Kryoelektronentomographie

    Leica Microsystems und Thermo Fisher Scientific haben gemeinsam einen perfekt abgestimmtem Kryoelektronentomographie-Workflow entwickelt, der es ermöglicht, Zellmechanismen mit Subnanometer-Auflösung…
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  • Ultrastructural Preservation and Improved Visualization of Membranes in Primary Bovine Chromaffin Cells

    Intracellular dynamic events, such as protein trafficking, recycling, and degradation as well as signal transduction, to name a few, can be studied using live-cell imaging techniques. However,…
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  • Roland A. Fleck

    Expert Knowledge on High Pressure Freezing and Freeze Fracturing in the Cryo SEM Workflow

    Get an insight in the working methods of the laboratory and learn about the advantages of Cryo SEM investigation in EM Sample Preparation. Find out how high pressure freezing, freeze fracturing and…
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  • Bridging Structure and Dynamics at the Nanoscale through Optogenetics and Electrical Stimulation

    Nanoscale ultrastructural information is typically obtained by means of static imaging of a fixed and processed specimen. However, this is only a snapshot of one moment within a dynamic system in…
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  • Cryo-SEM analysis of UV light stimulated sun screen lotion

    The EM ICE is the only available high-pressure freezer combining light stimulation with fast cryo fixation, a module mostly used for optogenetic approaches in neurobiology studies. However, this…
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  • Superior Ultrastructural Preservation and Structural Contrast in Drosophila Tissue

    Optimal structural preservation of tissue can only be obtained by high pressure freezing. However, preparing the samples in optimal conditions is challenging. This article explains in detail how to…
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  • Expanding the Limits of Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation

    Capturing the intricate changes in fine structure or in cell dynamics with conventional cryo solutions can be challenging sometimes. Leica Microsystems has developed a new cryo platform, the Leica EM…
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  • Revealing Cellular Dynamics with Millisecond Precision

    What if you can dissect the cellular dynamics with millisecond precision? What if you can unravel the morphological transformation of a neuron millisecond by millisecond using electron microscopy?
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  • Interview with Dr. Shigeki Watanabe on Research in Synaptic Membrane Dynamics

    Dr. Shigeki Watanabe, principle investigator of the department of Cell Biology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, held a workshop in Zürich, Switzerland on methods to…
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  • Visualization of Membrane Dynamics with Millisecond Temporal Resolution

    Application Note for Leica EM ICE, Leica EM AFS2 - Electrical stimulation of neurons combined with high-pressure freezing allows physiological activation of synaptic activity and precise control over…
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  • Structural Study of C. elegans

    Application Note for Leica EM ICE, Leica EM AFS2 - Wildtype L4 stage C. elegans (N2 strain) were placed in the 100 μm deep side of Lecithin-coated (see detailed protocol*) type A 3 mm Cu/Au carriers…
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  • Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neurons

    Application Note for Leica EM ICE - Rat Hippocampal neurons, cultured on 50 μm thick Aclar (Aclar embedding film, EMS) for 19 days, were frozen in the 100 μm deep side of lecithin coated (detailed…
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  • Symmetric Synapse - Clathrin Coated Endocytosis Pit in the Postsynaptic Dendrite

    Application Note for Leica EM ICE - WT hippocampal neurons were plated at a density of 80,000 cells/cm2 on 6 mm sapphire disks for 14 days. Sample were frozen using a high-pressure freezer (Leica EM…
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  • High Pressure Freezing with Light Stimulation

    Sun screen lotion was carefully filled in the 100 μm incision of a 3 mm copper/gold plated flat carrier and covered with 3 mm sapphire disk. The sun screen lotion sample was then high pressure frozen…
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  • CLEM: Combining the Strengths of Light and Electron Microscopy

    In recent years light microscopy studies have been dominated by live cell imaging while electron microscopy has been used for high-resolution studies. Latterly, there has been increasing interest in…
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