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Fast, High-quality Vitrification with the EM ICE High Pressure Freezer

How the parameter settings ensure high-quality results


The EM ICE High Pressure Freezer was developed with a unique freezing principle and uses only a single pressurization and cooling liquid: liquified nitrogen (LN2). This design enables three major benefits that lead to high-quality sample vitrification results:

  • Cooling of the sample immediately after pressurization
  • No alcohol residue left on the carrier or specimen
  • Precise timing for light and electrical stimulation

Obtaining high-quality cryo-fixation results with LN2 as the only cooling liquid requires well-defined parameter settings. Because the rate of temperature decrease is directly dependent on the pressure increase, the rate of sample cooling can’t be modified by temperature control alone. In this white paper, it is explained how the pressure settings can be adjusted by three parameters to enable fast vitrification.

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