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A Multimodal Vitreous Crusade: A Cryo Correlative Workflow

28 Sep 2023 12:00 UTC

Larch House, Woodlands Business Park, United Kingdom


A Cryo-Correlative Workflow Story

Thursday 28th September: 14:00 London | 15:00 Berlin | 17:00 Dubai

Correlative imaging techniques are at the heart of the crusade for better understanding of subcellular biological structures. The use of Correlative Workflows, including Cryo EM, Sub-tomogram averaging, Cryo-FIB, and 3D Volume Imaging, are powerful tools in the field of (in-situ) structural biology, allowing researchers to obtain higher and higher resolution images of complex biological specimens such as organoids and 3D cultures.  

In this webinar, experts from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Leica Microsystems will explore advanced techniques that comprise Correlative Workflows. They will cover the full workflow: from the best sample preparation practices, through FIB milling and Electron Microscopy techniques, to image processing and 3D reconstruction.

Join us live or on demand to equip yourself with the skills to improve your CLEM workflow! 


Key Learnings:

• Understanding the techniques required for Correlative Workflows with Cryo FIB and Volume EM, from the workbench to electron beam 

• Overview of the use of correlative techniques such as Cryo EM, sub-tomogram averaging and 3D Volume Imaging for structural biology research 

• Application examples of how these techniques have been used to advance our understanding of biological structures 

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