19 Apr 2021

Leica Neurovisualization Summit

19 Apr 13:00 UTCWebinar

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In neurosurgery, visualization is absolutely vital and innovation is only valuable if it is meaningful, and not gimmicky. At Leica Microsystems, we believe new technologies must truly serve healthcare, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.

To help you explore the future of neurosurgical visualization, we are proud to introduce the Leica Neurovisualization Summit, a unique and free online event between April 19th & 24th. During this 6-day event, leading neurosurgeons across the globe will share their experience with innovative Leica technologies and how this is bringing their surgical practice to a whole new level.

This online event is a unique opportunity to discover the future of neurosurgical visualization and transformative technologies. Technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and 3D are already transforming neurosurgery, offering new insights and opening up new possibilities.

This is your opportunity to reach your full potential and even greater levels of excellence. Learn from your peers how you can improve your neurosurgical practice and achieve better outcomes.

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