30 Nov 2021

Mapping viscosity & temperature using molecular rotors

30 Nov 16:00 UTCWebinar

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Title: Mapping microscopic viscosity & temperature using molecular rotors
Date: Tuesday 30th November
Time: 4-5pm London | 5-6pm Berlin | 8-9pm Dubai

In this webinar, Dr. Marina Kuimova from Imperial College London, will present developments in the use of fluorescent probes called molecular rotors to measure microscopic viscosity and temperature as well as the presence of unusual DNA topologies, G-quadruplexes, and monitor their temporal changes in real-time.

You will discover:
•    Recent developments of this technique, such as genetic and passive targeting of rotors
•    Applications of the technique to monitoring disease 
•    The use of fluorescence imaging, using Leica microscopy platforms, to investigate fluorescence lifetime or spectra of rotors

A Q&A session will follow the presentation, so join us live on the day to put your questions to Dr. Kuimova. 

Register now to attend the live event or to get access to the on-demand recording which will be available for 30 days after the event.