16 Dec 2021

Polarized Light and Differential Interference Contrast

16 Dec 18:00 UTC

United States


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This presentation will provide a brief review of the fundamentals of polarized light microscopy and image formation using differential interference contrast and will explore applications of both techniques in metallography for numerous materials systems, including but not limited to metals, ceramics, and composites. An application discussion will cover details of the actual imaging techniques, including relevant settings on the microscope and user interface, regardless of make and model, as well as illustrative micrographs captured using the two techniques with an emphasis on the type of information that can be extracted from them about the microstructure.

Key Learnings

  • When and how to use polarized light and differential interference contrast techniques in metallography
  • What type of information about the materials system or microstructure could be gathered from each technique
  • Example applications for a vast variety of materials systems