12 Apr 2021

Right digital camera for your microscopy application

12 Apr 10:00 UTC

Online, United Kingdom


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Digital cameras play an important role in capturing and documenting true-to-life color images across many applications in industry, life science, forensics or education. As digital microscope cameras come in all shapes and sizes, selecting the best camera for your system can be a challenge.

Join our informative, free webinar with our expert Dr. Giancarlo Parma, Advanced Workflow Specialist at Leica Microsystems and hear everything you need to know about selecting the right camera for your needs. After the webinar you will know what are the main performance factors that are determining image quality and process time, how different digital cameras prioritize different features depending on the application and how to match the right camera to your application to improve your results.

If you cannot attend live but are interested in the topic, you can register anyway and we will send you the recorded event that you can watch whenever you are ready.

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