Microscope Camera K3Microscope Camera K3

New K3 microscope cameras cover analytical tasks quickly and reliably

16 September 2021, Wetzlar, Germany. The new K3 color and monochrome microscope cameras, which can be used for a wide range of life science and industrial applications, are now available from Leica Microsystems. 

Users of the K3 cameras can take advantage of its ability to discriminate fine differences in color and gray levels for brightfield applications of biological and material samples. With 16x finer graduation compared to cameras with 8-bit sensors, the K3, with its 12-bit sensor and a high dynamic range, allows quantifiable images to be acquired even for challenging applications. The high frame rates of up to 39 fps for viewing live images and excellent color reproduction give the camera a well-balanced set of features for numerous documentation tasks.

Sensitive fluorescence imaging of cells and tissues is achieved with the monochrome K3 camera. It has very low noise, making it a good choice for imaging fluorescently labeled specimens.

“Users who need to document during either life science or industrial applications can benefit from the performance of the K3 color and monochrome microscope cameras, which stand out for this segment. They make excellent workhorse cameras which can be used for all types of imaging,” says Marcin Barszczewski, Product Manager, Leica Microsystems

For applications which require fast scanning of sample areas, the K3 cameras combined with the LAS X Navigator, Steel Expert, or Cleanliness Expert software modules achieve results fast, thanks to their large CMOS sensor and high frame rates. Users are free to optimize the cameras to best address their specific needs, as the camera features are highly customizable.

Scientists and engineers can acquire excellent images for a multitude of applications using the K3 cameras with the high-performance THUNDER Imagers, DMi8 inverted, or M205 stereo microscopes which offer an optically corrected camera port.

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Microscope Camera K3
Composite image of a whole mouse embryo constructed from 380 individual images of H&E-stained serial sections captured using the K3 color camera and LAS X Navigator software.
H&E-stained parotid gland imaged at 8- and 12-bit depth with the K3 color camera.