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Leica's LightGate Improves Image Quality

When imaging challenging specimens, unwanted light due to reflection or auto fluorescence can be a problem. This reflected light is detected alongside your sample's fluorescence emissions, interfering with the accuracy of your images. LightGate is a filter-free method to remove unwanted signal from the image data. Leica's LightGate is an adjustable temporal window that removes these unwanted emissions to ensure that only fluorescence signals are collected for imaging. The White Light Laser's pulsed output and the HyD's quantifiable signal detection make this advanced imaging technique possible.

Benefits of Leica's White Light Laser

3D reconstruction of multiple stained sample

Primary culture of rat cortical neurons, excitation and detection settings were adjusted to optimal image contrast

Structure Label Excitation [nm] Emission[nm]
Nucleus DAPI 405 424-465
Nestin (neuronal stem cells) cy2 495 504-545
DCX (immature neurons) cy3 560 559-624
Beta III-tubulin cy5 652 653-716