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Publications 2017

Delayed post mastectomy breast reconstructions with allogeneic acellular dermal matrix prepared by a new decellularizationmethod
Bohac M, Varga I, Polak S, Dragunova J, Fedeles J, et. al.
Cell and Tissue Banking
2017 pp: 1-8

Ouabain impairs cell migration, and invasion and alters gene expression of human osteosarcoma U-2 OS cells
Shih Y, Au M, Liu K, Yang Yeh M, Lee C, et. al.
Environmental Toxicology

Morphological, molecular and toxin analysis of field populations of Alexandrium genus from the Argentina Sea
Fabro E, Almandoz G, Ferrario M, John U, Tillmann U, et. al.
Journal of Phycology

Effects of tofacitinib in early arthritis-induced bone loss in an adjuvant-induced arthritis rat model
Vidal B, Cascão R, Finnilä M, Lopes I, da Glória V, et. al.
2017 vol: 65 pp: 559-70

A new species of Scutellaria (Scutellarioideae, Lamiaceae) from Sichuan Province in southwest China
Zhao F, Liu E, Peng H, Xiang C
2017 vol: 5 pp: e3624

Effects of different salinities on the osmoregulatory capacity of Mediterranean sticklebacks living in freshwater
Rind K, Beyrend D, Blondeau-Bidet E, Charmantier G, Cucchi P, et. al.
Journal of Zoology

Phytosterols-induced viscoelasticity of oleogels prepared by using monoglycerides
Bin Sintang M, Danthine S, Brown A, Van de Walle D, Patel A, et. al.
Food Research International

Biocompatible 3D printed polymers via fused deposition modelling direct C2C12 cellular phenotype in vitro
Rimington R, Capel A, Christie S, Lewis M, Farè S
Lab Chip
2017 vol: 106 pp: 285-294

Three species of Procyrnea Chabaud, 1958 (Nematoda: Habronematoidea: Habronematidae) from raptors in Beijing, China, with descriptions of two new species
Zhang S, Song J, Zhang L, Ponce-Gordo F, Davidson W
Journal of Natural History
2011 vol: 45 (47-48) pp: 2915-2928

Anaerobic digester sludge as nutrient source for culturing of microalgae for economic biodiesel production
Sreekumar N, Chennattussery A, Mariya A, Selvaraju N
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology
2017 pp: 1-8

Characteristics of novel polymer based on pseudo-polyamino acids GluLa-DPG-PEG600: binding of albumin, biocompatibility, biodistribution and potential crossing the blood-brain barrier in rats
Chekh B, Ferens M, Ostapiv D, et. al.
The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal
2017 vol: 89 (4) pp: 13-21

Short and long-term experiments on the effect of sulphide on microalgae cultivation in tertiary sewage treatment
González-Camejo J, Serna-García R, Viruela A, Pachés M, Durán F, et. al.
Bioresource Technology
2017 vol: 244 pp: 15-22

Characterization of Glcci1 expression in a subpopulation of lateral ganglionic eminence progenitors in the mouse telencephalon
Kohli V, Nardini D, Ehrman L, Waclaw R
Developmental Dynamics

Estrous Cycle Phase-Dependent Changes in Anxiety- and Depression-Like Profiles in the Late Adolescent Wistar-Kyoto Rat
D'Souza D, Sadananda M
Annals of Neurosciences
2017 vol: 24 (3) pp: 136-145

A new species of Hyalella from the High Andes of Ecuador (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Hyalellidae)
Alonso M, Jaume D
2017 vol: 686 pp: 1-13

Identification and Characterization of Reverse Transcriptase Fragments of Long Interspersed Nuclear Elements (LINEs) in the Morus notabilis Genome
Ma B, Xin Y, Kuang L, Hou F, He N
American Journal of Molecular Biology
2017 vol: 07 (03) pp: 138-152

Highly Sensitive Dopamine Detection Using a Bespoke Functionalised Carbon Nanotube Microelectrode array
Clark J, Chen Y, Hinder S, Silva S

Stronger cooling effects of transpiration and leaf physical traits of plants from a hot dry habitat than from a hot wet habitat
Lin H Chen Y Zhang H Fu P Fan Z
Functional Ecology

Uncleaved 2A-peptide of foot-and-mouth disease virus can display foreign epitope-tag at the virion surface
Biswal J, Subramaniam S, Ranjan R, Pattnaik B
Infection, Genetics and Evolution
2017 vol: 54 pp: 324-329

Changes in the extracellular matrix surrounding human chronic wounds revealed by 2-photon imaging
Sutcliffe J, Thrasivoulou C, Serena T, Madden L, Richards T, et. al.
International Wound Journal

Evolutionary relationships of wing venation and wing size and shape in Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)
Žikić V, Stanković S, Petrović A, Ilić Milošević M, Tomanović Ž, et. al.
Organisms Diversity & Evolution
2017 vol: 17 (3) pp: 607-617

Microsatellites mapping for non-model species with chromosomal rearrangement: a case study in the frog Quasipaa boulengeri (Anura: Dicroglossidae)
Yuan X, Yuan S, Liu Y, Xia Y, Zeng X
2017 vol: 60 (8) pp: 707-711

Melatonin impedes Tet1-dependent mGluR5 promoter demethylation to relieve pain
Hsieh M, Ho Y, Lai C, Chou D, Wang H, et. al.
Journal of Pineal Research
2017 pp: e12436

Physical compatibility between wax esters and triglycerides in hybrid shortenings and margarines prepared in rice bran oil
Doan C, Tavernier I, Danthine S, Rimaux T, Dewettinck K
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Suppressing mPGES-1 expression by sinomenine ameliorates inflammation and arthritis
Zhou H, Liu J, Luo J, Cheng C, Leung E, et. al.
Biochemical Pharmacology

Methotrexate and low-dose prednisolone downregulate osteoclast function by decreasing receptor activator of nuclear factor-κβ expression in monocytes from patients with early rheumatoid arthritis
Perpétuo I, Caetano-Lopes J, Rodrigues A, Campanilho-Marques R, Ponte C, et. al.
RMD Open
2017 vol: 3 (1) pp: e000365

Variation in leaf anatomical traits from tropical to cold-temperate forests and linkage to ecosystem functions
He N, Liu C, Tian M, Li M, Yang H, et. al.
Functional Ecology

Hepatoprotective Role of Hydrangea macrophylla against Sodium Arsenite-Induced Mitochondrial-Dependent Oxidative Stress via the Inhibition of MAPK/Caspase-3 Pathways
Akanda M, Tae H, Kim I, Ahn D, Tian W, et. al.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences
2017 vol: 18 (7) pp: 1482

Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors Induce Developmental Toxicity During Zebrafish Embryogenesis, Especially in the Inner Ear
Matsumoto H, Fujiwara S, Miyagi H, Nakamura N, Shiga Y, et. al.
Marine Biotechnology
2017 pp: 1-11

Delineation of retroperitoneal metastatic lymph nodes in ovarian cancer with near‑infrared fluorescence imaging
Pu T, Xiong L, Liu Q, Zhang M, Cai Q, et. al.
Oncology Letters

In Vivo Articular Cartilage Regeneration Using Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells Cultured in an Alginate Scaffold: A Preliminary Study
Mata M, Milian L, Oliver M, Zurriaga J, Sancho-Tello M, et. al.
Stem Cells International
2017 vol: 2017 pp: 1-9

Glucose-regulated protein 78 autoantibody associates with blood-brain barrier disruption in neuromyelitis optica
Shimizu F, Schaller K, Owens G, Cotleur A, Kellner D, et. al.
Science Translational Medicine
2017 vol: 9 (397)

Long-term effects of human amniotic membrane in a rat model of biliary fibrosis
Sant'Anna L, Brito F, Barja P, Nicodemo M, et. al.
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
2017 vol: 50 (7)

Cell- and Single Molecule-Based Methods to Detect Anti- N -Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Autoantibodies in Patients With First-Episode Psychosis From the OPTiMiSE Project
Jézéquel J, Rogemond V, Pollak T, Lepleux M, Jacobson L, et. al.
Biological Psychiatry

Highly tumorigenic lung cancer CD133+ cells display stem-like features and are spared by cisplatin treatment
Bertolini G, Roz L, Perego P, Tortoreto M, Fontanella E, et. al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
2009 vol: 106 (38) pp: 16281-16286

Cis -regulatory evolution in a wild primate: Infection-associated genetic variation drives differential expression of MHC-DQA1 in vitro
Simons N, Eick G, Ruiz-Lopez M, Omeja P, Chapman C, et. al.
Molecular Ecology

Phylogenetic placement within Lecanoromycetes of lichenicolous fungi associated with Cladonia and some other genera
Pino-Bodas R, Zhurbenko M, Stenroos S
Persoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi

Hair growth promoting activity of discarded biocomposite keratin extract
Akanda M, Kim H, Park M, Kim I, Ahn D, et. al.
Journal of Biomaterials Applications
2017 vol: 32 (2) pp: 230-241

Artificial orpiment, a new pigment in Rembrandt’s palette
van Loon A, Noble P, Krekeler A, Van der Snickt G, Janssens K, et. al.
Heritage Science
2017 vol: 5 (1) pp: 26

Arabidopsis WRKY2 and WRKY34 transcription factors interact with VQ20 protein to modulate pollen development and function
Lei R, Li X, Ma Z, Lv Y, Hu Y, et. al.
The Plant Journal

Effects of dietary supplementation of red pepper (Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi) essential oil on performance, small intestinal morphology and microbial counts of weanling pigs
Cairo P, Gois F, Sbardella M, Silveira H, de Oliveira R, et. al.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Floral biology of Grewia flavescens Juss.: an underutilized crop
Veeresh Kumar V, Uthappa A, Srivastava M, Vijay D, Kumaranag K, et. al.
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
2017 pp: 1-7

New insights into the roles of Lpf and Stg fimbriae in Salmonella interactions with enterocytes and M cells
Gonzales A, Wilde S, Roland K
Infection and Immunity
2017 pp: IAI.00172-17

Comparative analysis of the structure, suberin and wax composition and key gene expression in the epidermis of ‘Dangshansuli’ pear and its russet mutant
Heng W, Huang H, Li F, Hou Z, Zhu L
Acta Physiologiae Plantarum
2017 vol: 39 (7) pp: 150

The Arabidopsis GPR1 Gene Negatively Affects Pollen Germination, Pollen Tube Growth, and Gametophyte Senescence
Yang X, Zhang Q, Zhao K, Luo Q, Bao S, et. al.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences
2017 vol: 18 (6) pp: 1303

Does static electric field from ultra-high voltage direct-current transmission lines affect male reproductive capacity? Evidence from a laboratory study on male mice
Wu S, Di G, Li Z
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
2017 vol: 24 (22) pp: 18025-18034

Suppression of HSP27 Restores Retinal Function and Protects Photoreceptors From Apoptosis in a Light-Induced Retinal Degeneration Animal Model
Chien C, Huang C, Tien L, Cheng Y, Ke C, et. al.
Investigative Opthalmology & Visual Science
2017 vol: 58 (7) pp: 3107

Reduction of microbial contamination and improvement of germination of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) seeds via surface dielectric barrier discharge
Ambrico P, Šimek M, Morano M, De Miccolis Angelini R, Minafra A, et. al.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
2017 vol: 50 (30) pp: 305401

Effects of Lucilia sericata on wound healing in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats and analysis of its secretome at the proteome level
Tombulturk F, Kasap M, Tuncdemir M, Polat E, Sirekbasan S, et. al.
Human & Experimental Toxicology
2017 pp: 096032711771404

Changing of IKZF1 genotype during Philadelphia-negative precursor-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia progression: a short clinical report
Vshyukova V, Meleshko A, Mihal N, Aleinikova O
Leukemia Research Reports
2016 vol: 6 pp: 15-19

CsPDC-E1α, a novel pyruvate dehydrogenase complex E1α subunit gene from Camellia sinensis, is induced during cadmium inhibiting pollen tube growth
Pan J, Li D, Shu Z, Jiang X, Ma W, et. al.
Canadian Journal of Plant Science
2017 pp: CJPS-2017-0074

Isoliquiritigenin alleviates early brain injury after experimental intracerebral hemorrhage via suppressing ROS- and/or NF-κB-mediated NLRP3 inflammasome activation by promoting Nrf2 antioxidant pathway
Zeng J, Chen Y, Ding R, Feng L, et. al.
Journal of Neuroinflammation
2017 vol: 14 (1) pp: 119

Substitution of blood plasma with soy protein concentrate in piglet diet
Resende M, Mascarenhas A, Mello H, et. al.
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia
2017 vol: 46 (4) pp: 324-330

The fine tuning of retinocollicular topography depends on reelin signaling during early postnatal development of the rat visual system
Antonioli-Santos R, Lanzillotta-Mattos B, Hedin-Pereira C, Serfaty C
2017 vol: 357 pp: 264-272

In Vivo and In Vitro Hepatoprotective Effects of Geranium koreanum Methanolic Extract via Downregulation of MAPK/Caspase-3 Pathway
Akanda M, Kim I, Ahn D, Tae H, Tian W, et. al.
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
2017 vol: 2017 pp: 1-12

2017 vol: 32 (6) pp: 349-366

Conditional deletion of Notch1 and Notch2 genes in excitatory neurons of postnatal forebrain does not cause neurodegeneration or reduction of Notch mRNAs and proteins
Zheng J, Watanabe H, Wines-Samuelson M, Zhao H, Gridley T, et. al.
The Journal of biological chemistry
2012 vol: 287 (24) pp: 20356-68

PPeptides from Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) ameliorate senile osteoporosis via activating osteogenesis related BMP2/Smads and Wnt/β-catenin pathway
Wang F, Zhao Y, Liu Y, Yu P, Yu Z, et. al.
Journal of Food Biochemistry
2017 vol: 41 (4) pp: e12381

Isolation and characterization of antimicrobial peptides derived from Bacillus subtilis E20-fermented soybean meal and its use for preventing Vibrio infection in shrimp aquaculture
Cheng A, Lin H, Shiu Y, Tyan Y, Liu C
Fish & Shellfish Immunology
2017 vol: 67 pp: 270-279

Mxi1-0 regulates the growth of human umbilical vein endothelial cells through extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 (ERK1/2) and interleukin-8 (IL-8)-dependent pathways
Wu W, Hu Z, Wang F, Gu H, Jiang X, et. al.
2017 vol: 12 (6) pp: e0178831

Biogeography of bloom-forming microcystin producing and non-toxigenic populations of Dolichospermum lemmermannii (Cyanobacteria)
Capelli C, Ballot A, Cerasino L, Papini A, Salmaso N
Harmful Algae
2017 vol: 67 pp: 1-12

Two novel Tuber species (Tuberaceae, Pezizales) in the Latisporum Group from China
Wan S, Tang L, Zheng Y, Yu F

Polymeric film of 6-arm-poly(ethylene glycol) amine graphene oxide with poly (ε-caprolactone): Adherence and growth of adipose derived mesenchymal stromal cells culture on rat bladder
Durán M, Durán N, Luzo A, Duarte A, Volpe B, et. al.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
2017 vol: 838 (1) pp: 012035

In vivo nanotoxicological profile of graphene oxide
Durán M, Durán N, Fávaro W
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
2017 vol: 838 (1) pp: 012026

Mixed surfactant systems of sucrose esters and lecithin as a synergistic approach for oil structuring
Bin Sintang M, Danthine S, Patel A, Rimaux T, Van De Walle D, et. al.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science
2017 vol: 504 pp: 387-396

Albumin micro/nanoparticles entrapping liposomes for itraconazole green formulation
de Jesús Valle M, Maderuelo Martín C, Zarzuelo Castañeda A, Sánchez Navarro A
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
2017 vol: 106 pp: 159-165

SERPINA3K Ameliorates the Corneal Oxidative Injury Induced by 4-Hydroxynonenal
Zheng X, Cui H, Yin Y, Zhang Y, Zong R, et. al.
Investigative Opthalmology & Visual Science
2017 vol: 58 (7) pp: 2874

Isolation of Ovicidal Fungi from Fecal Samples of Captive Animals Maintained in a Zoological Park
Hernández J, Vázquez-Ruiz R, Cazapal-Monteiro C,
Journal of Fungi
2017 vol: 3 (2) pp: 29

Exposure to Cadmium Impairs Sperm Functions by Reducing CatSper in Mice
Wang H, Chang M, Peng T, Yang Y, Li N, et. al.
Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry
2017 vol: 42 (1) pp: 44-54

Macroautophagy occurs in distal TMV-uninfected root tip tissue of tomato taking place systemic PCD
Zhou S, Hong Q, Li Y, Li Q, Li R, et. al.
2017 pp: 1-7

An efficient randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial with the irreversible fatty acid amide hydrolase-1 inhibitor PF-04457845, which modulates endocannabinoids but fails to induce effective analgesia in patients with pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee
Huggins J, Smart T, Langman S, Taylor L, Young T, et. al.
2012 vol: 153 (9) pp: 1837-1846

Mxd1 mediates hypoxia-induced cisplatin resistance in osteosarcoma cells by repression of the PTEN tumor suppressor gene
Zheng D, Wu W, Dong N, Jiang X, Xu J, et. al.
Molecular Carcinogenesis

Polymeric 3D Printed Functional Microcantilevers for Biosensing Applications
Stassi S, Fantino E, Calmo R, Chiappone A, Gillono M, et. al.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
2017 vol: 9 (22) pp: 19193-19201

HIV-2 infection is associated with preserved GALT homeostasis and epithelial integrity despite ongoing mucosal viral replication
Fernandes S, Pires A, Matoso P, Ferreira C, Nunes-Cabaço H, et. al.
Mucosal Immunology

A comparison of corn fiber gum, hydrophobically modified starch, gum arabic and soybean soluble polysaccharide: Interfacial dynamics, viscoelastic response at oil/water interfaces and emulsion stabilization mechanisms
Jin Q, Li X, Cai Z, Zhang F, Yadav M, et. al.
Food Hydrocolloids
2017 vol: 70 pp: 329-344

Morphology, ultrastructure, and element uptake in Calophyllum brasiliense Cambess. (Calophyllaceae J. Agardh) seedlings under cadmium exposure
Pereira A, Cortez P, de Almeida A, Prasad M, França M, et. al.
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
2017 vol: 24 (18) pp: 15576-15588

Differentiation of nestin‑negative human hair follicle outer root sheath cells into neurons in vitro
Wu W, Wu X, Ji Y, Gao Z
Molecular Medicine Reports

The Nodulin 26-like intrinsic membrane protein OsNIP3;2 is involved in arsenite uptake by lateral roots in rice
Chen Y, Sun S, Tang Z, Liu G, Moore K, et. al.
Journal of Experimental Botany
2017 vol: 68 (11) pp: 3007-3016

Hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury disrupts the homeostasis of kidney primary cilia via oxidative stress
Han S, Jang H, Seu S, Cho H, Hwang Y, et. al.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease
2017 vol: 1863 (7) pp: 1817-1828

Prolactin-induced neuroprotection against glutamate excitotoxicity is mediated by the reduction of [Ca2+]i overload and NF-κB activation
Rivero-Segura N, Flores-Soto E, García de la Cadena S, Coronado-Mares I, Gomez-Verjan J, et. al.
2017 vol: 12 (5) pp: e0176910

Myialges trinotoni (Acariformes: Epidermoptidae), a hyperparasitic mite infesting Trinoton querquedulae (Phthiraptera: Menoponidae) on waterfowl
Knee W, Galloway T
The Canadian Entomologist
2017 vol: 149 (04) pp: 434-443

Assembly and dichroism of a four-component halogen-bonded metal–organic cocrystal salt solvate involving dicyanoaurate(I) acceptors
Christopherson J, Potts K, Bushuyev O, Topić F Huskić I, et. al.
Faraday Discuss.
2017 vol: 46 pp: 6368

Bioglass incorporation improves mechanical properties and enhances cell-mediated mineralization on electrochemically aligned collagen threads
Nijsure M, Pastakia M, Spano J, Fenn M, Kishore V
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A
2017 vol: 105 (9) pp: 2429-2440

Cooking plant foods in the northern Aegean: Microbotanical evidence from Neolithic Stavroupoli (Thessaloniki, Greece)
García-Granero J, Urem-Kotsou D, Bogaard A, Kotsos S
Quaternary International

Co-culture of infrapatellar fat pad–derived mesenchymal stromal cells and articular chondrocytes in plasma clot for cartilage tissue engineering
Arora A, Sriram M, Kothari A, Katti D
2017 vol: 19 (7) pp: 881-894

IUGR induced by maternal chronic inflammation: long-term effect on offspring’s ovaries in rat model—a preliminary report
Shalom-Paz E, Weill S, Ginzberg Y, Khatib N, Anabusi S, et. al.
Journal of Endocrinological Investigation
2017 pp: 1-7

Semi-thin Sectioning, Light and Fluorescence Microscopy of Floral Bud to Study Microspore Development in Arabidopsis
Kim M, Kim J
2016 vol: 6 (5)

Toxicology Assessment
Huang K
Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Foods
2017 pp: 119-164

Bim gene dosage is critical in modulating nephron progenitor survival in the absence of microRNAs during kidney development
Cerqueira D, Bodnar A, Phua Y, Freer R, Hemker S, et. al.
FASEB journal
2017 vol: 31 (8) pp: 3540-3554

Two new species of Willowsia (Collembola: Entomobryidae) from Yunnan Province, China
Chai R, Ma Y
European Journal of Taxonomy
2017 vol: 0 (311)

Evaluation of the Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma on Alveolar Wound Healing in Rats
Yamamoto M, Novelli M, Corrêa L, de Sousa S, Luz J
International Journal of Morphology
2017 vol: 35 (1) pp: 251-258

High pCO2 and elevated temperature reduce survival and alter development in early life stages of the tropical sea hare Stylocheilus striatus
Armstrong E, Allen T, Beltrand M, Dubousquet V, Stillman J, et. al.
Marine Biology
2017 vol: 164 (5) pp: 107

A new Paraleius species (Acari, Oribatida, Scheloribatidae) associated with bark beetles (Curculionidae, Scolytinae) in Canada
Knee W
2017 vol: 667 pp: 51-65

Rice No Pollen 1 ( NP1 ) is required for anther cuticle formation and pollen exine patterning
Liu Z, Lin S, Shi J, Yu J, Zhu L, et. al.
The Plant Journal
2017 vol: 91 (2) pp: 263-277

Combined chemical and structural signals of biomaterials synergistically activate cell-cell communications for improving tissue regeneration
Xu Y, Peng J, Dong X, Xu Y, Li H, et. al.
Acta Biomaterialia
2017 vol: 55 pp: 249-261

Small agarics in Taiwan: Mycena albopilosa sp. nov. and Gloiocephala epiphylla
Chang Y, Ju Y
Botanical Studies
2017 vol: 58 (1) pp: 19

Total flavonoids of Epimedium reduce ageing-related oxidative DNA damage in testis of rats via p53-dependent pathway
Zhao H, Song L, Huang W, Liu J, Yuan D, et. al.

The ovarian development pattern of pond-reared Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis H. Milne-Edwards, 1853
Pan J, Cheng Y, Zeng C, Liu M, Wu X, et. al.
2017 vol: 90 (4) pp: 449-470

New Methods of Morphometric Analyses on Scyphozoan Jellyfish Statoliths Including the first Direct Evidence for Statolith Growth Using Calcein as a Fluorescent Marker
Sötje I, Dishon T, Hoffmann F, Holst S
Microscopy and Microanalysis
2017 vol: 23 (03) pp: 553-568

A modified definition of the genus Haplochernes (Pseudoscorpiones: Chernetidae), with a new species from Hainan Island
Gao Z, Zhang F, Harvey M
Journal of Arachnology
2017 vol: 45 (1) pp: 112-122

Investigating the rheological, microstructural and textural properties of chocolates sweetened with palm sap-based sugar by partial replacement
Saputro A, Van de Walle D, Kadivar S, Bin Sintang M, Van der Meeren P, et. al.
European Food Research and Technology
2017 pp: 1-10

A Tandemly Arranged Pattern of Two 5S rDNA Arrays in Amolops mantzorum (Anura, Ranidae)
Liu T, Song M, Xia Y, Zeng X
Cytogenetic and genome research
2017 vol: 151 (3) pp: 161-170

Local and hematological alterations induced by Philodryas olfersii snake venom in mice
Oliveira J, Sant'Anna L, Oliveira Junior M, Souza P, Andrade Souza A, et. al.
2017 vol: 132 pp: 9-17

Lipid enhancement in microalgae by temporal phase separation: Use of indigenous sources of nutrients
Sreekumar N, Haridas A, Godwin G, Selvaraju N
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering

Three new species of Hyphodontia s.l. (Basidiomycota) with poroid or raduloid hymenophore
Chen C, Wu S, Chen C
Mycological Progress
2017 vol: 16 (5) pp: 553-564

Cannabinoid receptor 1 contributes to sprouted innervation in endometrial ectopic growth through mitogen-activated protein kinase activation
Han H, Liang X, Wang J, Zhao Q, Yang M, et. al.
Brain Research
2017 vol: 1663 pp: 132-140

Identification and characterization of a novel calreticulin involved in the immune response of the Zhikong scallop, Chlamys farreri
Wang G, Jiang Z, Yang N, Zhu D, Zhang M
Fish & Shellfish Immunology
2017 vol: 64 pp: 251-259

Ice nucleators, bacterial cells and Pseudomonas syringae in precipitation at Jungfraujoch
Stopelli E, Conen F, Guilbaud C, Zopfi J, Alewell C, Morris C
2017 vol: 14 (5) pp: 1189-1196

V-ATPases Containing a3 Subunit Play a Direct Role in Enamel Development in Mice
Johnson L, Ganss B, Wang A, Zirngibl R, Johnson D, et. al.
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
2017 vol: 118 (10) pp: 3328-3340

Hypoxia Impairs Muscle Function and Reduces Myotube Size in Tissue Engineered Skeletal Muscle
Martin N, Aguilar-Agon K, Robinson G, Player D, Turner M, et. al.
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry
2017 vol: 118 (9) pp: 2599-2605

(R1441C) LRRK2 induces the degeneration of SN dopaminergic neurons and alters the expression of genes regulating neuronal survival in a transgenic mouse model
Weng Y, Chen C, Lin K, Chen Y, Yeh T, et. al.
Experimental Neurology
2016 vol: 275 pp: 104-115

Rab5-regulated endocytosis plays a crucial role in apical extrusion of transformed cells
Saitoh S, Maruyama T, Yako Y, Kajita M, Fujioka Y, et. al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
2017 vol: 114 (12) pp: E2327-E2336

CUZD1 is a critical mediator of the JAK/STAT5 signaling pathway that controls mammary gland development during pregnancy
Mapes J, Li Q, Kannan A, Anandan L, Laws M, et. al.
PLOS Genetics
2017 vol: 13 (3) pp: e1006654

Design, Synthesis, and Anticancer Activity of 3H-benzo[f]chromen-3-one Derivatives
Soni R, Umar S, Shah N, Balkrishnan S, Soman S
Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
2017 vol: 54 (4) pp: 2501-2510

Dissection of MAPK signaling specificity through protein engineering in a developmental context
Wengier D, Lampard G, Bergmann D

Wastewater nutrient removal in a mixed microalgae–bacteria culture: effect of light and temperature on the microalgae–bacteria competition
González-Camejo J, Barat R, Pachés M, Murgui M, Seco A, et. al.
Environmental Technology
2017 pp: 1-13

What do we know about the structure of human thymic Hassall’s corpuscles? A histochemical, immunohistochemical, and electron microscopic study
Mikušová R, Mešťanová V, Polák Š, Varga I
Annals of Anatomy - Anatomischer Anzeiger
2017 vol: 211 pp: 140-148

RNA-Seq reveals the molecular mechanism of trapping and killing of root-knot nematodes by nematode-trapping fungi
Pandit R, Patel R, Patel N, Bhatt V, Joshi C, et. al.
World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
2017 vol: 33 (4) pp: 65

Indirect genetic effects and sexual conflicts: Partner genotype influences multiple morphological and behavioral reproductive traits in a flatworm
Marie-Orleach L, Vogt-Burri N, Mouginot P, Schlatter A, Vizoso D, et. al.
2017 vol: 71 (5) pp: 1232-1245

Taxonomic revision and cladistic analysis of Avicularia Lamarck, 1818 (Araneae, Theraphosidae, Aviculariinae) with description of three new aviculariine genera
Fukushima C, Bertani R
2017 vol: 659 pp: 1-185

Function Identification of the Nucleotides in Key cis-Element of DYSFUNCTIONAL TAPETUM1 (DYT1) Promoter
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