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Light Microscope Accessories

Leica Microsystems provides a broad range of microscope accessories to perfectly tailor your imaging system for your needs and budget. View our catalog of illumination, objectives, filter cubes, filter wheels and more.

If you need assistance, contact a local imaging specialist to help you identify the right microscope accessories for your application.

Light Microscopes Accessories Products 9

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Sharing Microscope Images. iPad app Leica DMShare

Leica DMshare

Sharing Microscope Images on an iPad

Infinity Scanner

Multispectral Photomanipulation Module

Infinity TIRF

Multicolor advanced TIRF module

Leica SFL4000 – five different LED modules provide practically unlimited flexibility.

Leica SFL4000

Fluorescence LED Illumination Source

The comfortable Leica FLUO SFL100 enhances the efficiency of FITC fluorescence microscopy.

Leica SFL100

Fluorescence Illumination LED Light Source

The Leica EL6000 is an ideal, affordable enhancement for fluorescence imaging.

Leica EL6000

External light source for fluorescence excitation

Leica Water Immersion Micro Dispenser

Automatic supply of water immersion during experiments

Leica SFL7000

LED Fluorescence Lightsource with Software Control