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Leica AM6000 Inverted Microscopes Leica Leica Microsystems

Automated, Fast Micromanipulation Leica AM6000

Multifunction panel

The multifunction panel controls manipulator and microscope functions such as focus, objective selection, and light intensity. As another special convenience, the magnification and contrast can be simultaneously stored and recalled on three freely programmable buttons.

Clearly designed controls

All microscope settings at a glance: The current contrast method, selected magnification, illumination parameters, and camera ports, as well as information about the focal plane, are all available. The most important fluorescence functions at a glance: Each filter cube can be selected directly. The shutter opens or closes at the touch of a button. Immediate feedback is displayed.

The Leica AM6000 micromanipulation system combines ease of use with the option of projecting images onto a monitor for educational purposes.