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The Leica Z-Series Macroscopes are zoom systems with a single vertical beam path which provide 2D images and ensure parallax-free imaging. The fully apochromatic zoom optics offers extremely high color fidelity, accuracy, contrast, sharpness, brilliance and high-resolution even at long working distances.

With 2 manual and 2 motorized zoom body options to choose from, plus the high modularity of the Leica Z-Series, we offer the perfect conditions for numerous types of documentation, parallax-free measurements and correct polarization colors.

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Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right stereo macroscope for your needs and budget.


Leica Macroscopes are among the most precise on the market. They are used for a wide variety of applications in industry, medicine and research.

Macroscopes with top-level operational convenience

Leica Macroscopes with apochromatic 16:1 zoom offer not only exceptional optics but also top-level operational convenience. Together with the new Leica Application Suite software they enable first-class documentation and analysis of the image material. Thanks to the unique modularity of our automated macroscopes, you can adapt the instrument to your individual needs and routines. 

The Best of Both Worlds

We have designed the first macroscope with fluorescence technology. This innovation brings you excellent results: maximum field depth and color fidelity guarantee superlative imaging precision.

Frequently Asked Questions Stereo Macroscopes

Show answer Do I need a computer to operate a stereo microscope with a camera?

No, you do not. By installing a Flexacam c5 or Flexacam i5 camera with embedded Enersight On-Screen Display (OSD) software on your stereo microscope, you can acquire images, record videos, do basic measurements, apply overlays, annotate live images, and share images with one-click or save them on an IT network server or USB stick. Also, you can use the Ivesta 3 (Integrated camera) Greenough stereo microscope with the same embedded Enersight OSD software. Alternatively, stereo microscopes with a Flexacam can be operated with the Enersight Mobile App software, available in App Stores, allowing you to control the camera, hence you benefit from the same set of features via your mobile device. 

Show answer Which PC software is compatible with a stereo microscope using a camera?

By installing various cameras on stereo microscopes or with Ivesta 3 (Integrated camera), you can use two software on your PC: Enersight Desktop and LAS X depending on your needs and applications. Both softwares are Windows compatible. 

Show answer Are there any mobile solutions for learning, inspection, and sharing?

Enersight Mobile App, which is available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play for smartphones and tablets, allows the user to acquire images, record videos, do basic measurements, apply overlays, and immediately share images and videos. The app is available for Android and iOS and free of charge.

Show answer What kinds of modular accessories are available to extend the range of use of my microscope?

There are a lot of accessories. Please get in contact with your local Leica sales representative.

Show answer How are ergonomic accessories designed to reduce repetitive strain injuries during long working hours?

There are a lot of ergonomic accessories for our products. Please contact your local Leica sales representative for more details or visit: Ergonomic Accessories for Stereo Microscopes

Show answer I need to quickly document and share results with team members. What is the best solution you can recommend?

You can install a Flexacam c5 or Flexacam i5 (Stereo) camera with the embedded software, Enersight, onto your stereo microscope and start operating it in the on-screen display (OSD) mode. Enersight OSD allows you to directly save images on an IT network server or USB thumb drive. You can also send the images via e-mail without a need to use a computer. Alternatively, you can choose the Ivesta 3 (Integrated camera) Greenough stereo microscope with integrated camera that has the same embedded Enersight OSD software, allowing you to save images and share them via email.

Show answer I am trying to optimize my workflow. Is the Ivesta 3 stereo microscope my best option?

It is certainly a good solution. If a greater range of magnification values is required, all our high-end M series stereo microscopes, such as the M205, can be equipped with a Flexacam c5 or Flexacam i5 (Stereo) camera for documenting and sharing results.

Show answer Can a single stereo microscope be used by multiple users? Which Leica solution allows the setup of individual user preferences?

Using Ivesta 3 (Integrated camera) or any stereo microscope equipped with a Flexacam c5 or Flexacam i5 (Stereo) camera offers user-management functionalities with a possibility to create multiple individual-user accounts, customize the user interface, and limit access to various Enersight functionalities. These functionalities are available with Enersight On-Screen Display (embedded software of microscope cameras) and Enersight Desktop (PC-based software).

Show answer What type of accessories does my microscope come with? What will I need to purchase separately?

Leica microscopes are modular and shipped in the configuration that best fits your stated needs or application. In case your needs change later, you can always upgrade your workstation by adding available accessories.

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