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Viventis LS2 Live Dual View Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope

Revealing life in its full context

Detection and Illumination optics
  • Illumination: two 10X objectives, NA 0.2.
  • Detection: two 25X NA 1.1 OR two 16X NA 0.8 water immersion objectives.
  • External laser combiner with a maximum of six wavelengths (from 405nm to 685nm), Omicron LightHUB+.
  • Transmitted light illumination (LED light source) to locate the sample and acquire transmitted images.
Light sheet specification
  • Light sheet generated by scanning of a Gaussian beam.
  • Three switchable light-sheets with thicknesses (FWHM) of approximately 2.1, 3.5 and 4.5 μm for different sample sizes.
  • Automatic position-specific light-sheet alignment.
Detection camera
  • Two high sensitivity Hamamatsu ORCA-Fusion USB3 cameras.
  • Field of view: 16X Objective: 900µm; 25X Objective: 596µm
  • Pixel size: 16X Objective: 406nm; 25X Objective: 260nm
Sample part
  • Motorized XYZ sample stage with maximum X travel range of 50mm
  • Multiple sample located in a open-top FEP sample chamber (multi-well).
Sample incubation
  • Recirculating air temperature controller from 5°C above ambient temperature to 40°C.
  • CO2 concentration control range 4-10%.
  • O2 concentration control range 5-15%.
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