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Digital Visualization Microscope for Neurosurgery ARveo 8

ARveo 8

ARveo 8 unites information from AR fluorescence, IGS systems, and endoscopic image feeds providing an enhanced visualization for more informed and precise neurosurgery.

Dental Microscope with Integrated 4K Camera M320 D

M320 D

Enjoy better visualization during surgical and non surgical dental procedures, benefit from increased physical comfort, and show your expertise to peers and patients with astounding 4K images.

Surgical Training Microscope M320 T

M320 T

The M320 surgical training microscope can help you keep optimizing your training methods to create an effective learning experience for your students.

Surgical Microscope with 4K Camera for Otolaryngology

M320 O

As an otolaryngologist, you take care of a wide variety of patients, very often children. You look at sensitive areas and know how important a stress-free treatment is for your patients.

Ophthalmic surgical microscope for anterior and posterior segment surgery M822


Ophthalmic surgical microscope for anterior and posterior segment surgery

Spine Microscope Leica M530 OHX

Leica M530 OHX

Precision surgical microscope for neurosurgery, spine & plastic reconstructive surgery

Surgical Microscope for Microsurgery Leica M530 OHX

Leica M530 OHX ENT

Premium surgical microscope for otolaryngology and neurotology

Leica M530 OHX

Premium surgical microscope for neurosurgery


Image injection accessory

Optical Coherence Tomography for Preclinical Researchers Envisu R-Class

Envisu R-Class

Optical Coherence Tomography for Preclinical Researchers

OCT Imaging System Envisu C-Class

Envisu C-Class

Optical Coherence Tomography for Ophthalmology

Ophthalmic Microscope Proveo 8

Proveo 8

Surgical microscope with premium optics for ophthalmology

Leica M530 OH6

Sophisticated surgical microscope for complex neurosurgery

Leica M844 F40

Leica M844 F40 / F20

Advanced surgical microscope for ophthalmology

Leica M620 F20

Leica M620 F20

All-round surgical microscope for ophthalmology

The Leica M25 F20 surgical microscope for otolaryngology, and neuro, spine and ENT surgery.

Leica M525 F20

Compact surgical microscope. Combining brilliant optics with precise maneuverability.

Leica DIC800 module to view imaging data directly in the microscope eyepiece

Leica DI C800

Digital Imaging Color Module for Ophthalmology

Leica Keratoscope is used intraoperatively to evaluate astigmatism

Leica Keratoscope

Keratoscope is a ring illuminator used intraoperatively

Leica ToricEyePiece to aid positioning of premium IOLs

Leica ToricEyePiece

The Perfect Aid for Placement of Premium IOL's

Leica RUV800 Panoramic Viewing System

Leica RUV800

Panoramic Viewing System for Retinal Surgery

Leica FL560 - Fluorescence excitation and observation for fluorophores of specific characteristics

Leica FL560

Leica FL560 is designed to enable fluorescence observation of fluorophores with an excitation peak from 460-500 nm (blue) and emission observation of >510 nm.

Leica M720 FL400 fluorescence module 400nm/blue

Leica FL400

Blue Light Fluorescence Module

Leica FL800

For intra-operative fluorescence-aided videoangiography, surgeons can observe blood flow to determine the patency of vessels.

Leica M220 F12

Leica M220 F12

Efficient surgical microscope for ophthalmology

The Leica M620 TTS tabletop surgical microscope for ophthalmology.

Leica M620 TTS

Tabletop surgical microscope for ophthalmology


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