Guido Kreck

Guido Kreck

Guido Kreck works in the field of cleanliness technology. His special competences are particle sampling and measurement technologies, cleanroom equipment design, qualification of components regarding cleanroom suitability, conception and realization of clean production environments, assessment and selection of cleaning technologies, as well as particulate cleanliness validation for various contamination sensitive branches and products (semiconductors, medical devices, spacecraft industry, etc.).

Professional career

  • 2014: Chair of the VDI standard 2083, Part 21 "Cleanliness Validation of Medical Devices"
  • 2011: Member of the spacecraft standardization group ECSS-Q-ST-70-54 "Ultra Cleaning of Flight Hardware"
  • 2006: Scientist at Fraunhofer Institute Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, Department Ultraclean Technology and Micromanufacturing
  • 2005: Diploma thesis "Development of a sampling system for aerosols in hygienic productions"
  • 1998–2005: Study of aviation and aerospace engineering with a concentration in fluid mechanics and aircraft light construction

Special competencies

  • Fluid mechanics, airflow visualization
  • Airfoil design
  • Aircraft light construction
  • Cleanroom suitable equipment design
  • Equipment certification for cleanrooms
  • Assessment and selection of precision cleaning technologies
  • Cleanroom conception and realization
  • Particulate cleanliness validation
Type of contamination: spores

Cleanliness Analysis for Particulate Contamination

Devices, products, and their components fabricated in many industries can be quite sensitive to contamination and, as a result, have stringent requirements for technical cleanliness. Measurement…
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