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Luciano Lucas , Dr.

Luciano Lucas

Luciano received his PhD in Tumour Angiogenesis and Vascular Targeting Drugs from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. In the last 15 years Luciano has been focused on extracting spatial insights from nD microscopy images. He was heavily involved in the development of Imaris (Oxford Instruments / Andor / Bitplane) and lead the creation of Aivia (SVision / DRVision). Luciano joined Leica Microsystems in 2021 when it acquired SVision. He is now the Director for Data & Analysis for Leica Microsystems and is focused on Aivia / AiviaWeb and a range of data, image analysis and AI projects which will result in smarter Leica imaging systems in the future.

Protist Paramecium (Paramecium tetraurelia) stained to show the nucleus

AI-Enabled Spatial Analysis of Complex 3D Datasets

VIDEO ON DEMAND - This edition of MicaCam offers practical advice on the extraction of publication grade insights from microscopy images. Our special guest Luciano Lucas (Leica Microsystems) will…

AI in Microscopy Webinar

We demonstrate residual channel attention networks for restoring and enhancing volumetric time-lapse (4D) fluorescence microscopy data.
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