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Paul Wurzinger , Dr.

Paul Wurzinger

Paul Wurzinger was born and grew up in Vienna, Austria. There he studied physics at the Technical University. He specialized in steady state physics and earned his master and doctor degrees by studying semi conductor defects with the electron microscope. He did research on semiconductors and diamond at both, the Technical University Vienna and the Siemens research laboratories in Munich, Germany. He joined Leica Microsystems in 1996 and was affiliated to the R&D department of the Vienna Business Unit . Several patents were granted to Leica Microsystems on the basis of his work. Today, he is Project Manager, his expertise is in steady state physics, focusing on semi-conductors and diamond defects.

Thermodynamic Considerations Regarding the LN2 in a High Pressure Freezer

Employing liquid nitrogen (LN2) as a coolant in the complex process of high pressure freezing raises certain considerations regarding phase transition not only of the liquid sample to be frozen but…
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