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Ruwin Pandithage , Dr.

Ruwin Pandithage

Ruwin Pandithage was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Germany where he completed his MSc in molecular biology at the RWTH-Aachen. He graduated in the department of biochemistry at the University Hospital Aachen.

During his scientific education he obtained experiences in Life Science Microscopy.

In 2007 he moved to Vienna and started as a sales representative in the Life Science Research Division of Leica where he gained sales know-how and experience in marketing.

Since 2010 he was  Product Manager at Leica Microsystems Nanotechnologies, Vienna, Austria.

Lamellar structure

Brief Introduction to Contrasting for EM Sample Preparation

Since the contrast in the electron microscope depends primarily on the differences in the electron density of the organic molecules in the cell, the efficiency of a stain is determined by the atomic…

Brief Introduction to Glass Knifemaking for Electron and Light Microscope Applications

Glass knives are used in an ultramicrotome to cut ultrathin slices of samples for electron and light microscope applications. For resin and for cryo sections (Tokuyasu samples) the knife edge must be…
Blood cells. Critical Point Drying.

Brief Introduction to Critical Point Drying

One of the uses of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is in the study of surface morphology in biological applications which requires the preservation of the surface details of a specimen. Samples…
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