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Valentina Manzalini , M.Sc.

Valentina Manzalini

After obtaining a Master Degree in Biological Sciences, from 2010 to 2016, Valentina Manzalini acquired an experience and specific knowledge in the field of criminalistics, working as technical collaborator in the Forensic Pathology and Forensic Ballistics study, based in Bologna, directed by Prof. Corrado Cipolla d’Abruzzo, former professor at the University of Chieti. During this period, she integrated and deepened her knowledge, following a training course firstly focused on general criminalistics, and further on centred more in detail on Forensic Ballistics. In this particular field, she studies all aspects related to firearms in criminal events, with a particular interest to the analysis of gunshot residues and to the techniques aimed at the identification, analysis and correlation of various ballistic items (cartridge cases and/or bullets) present at the crime scene with a specific weapon, aspects that fall within the expertise of a firearm and toolmark forensic examiner. She is included in the register of forensic experts of the criminal court of Verona. She founded her own microscopy laboratory, located in Garda, Italy, providing expertise on gunshot residues and ballistics identification. She actively pursues scientific research projects, aimed at cross fertilizing the fields of firearm examination and forensic chemistry.

Topographic analysis of firing pin.

Topographic Analysis of Firing Pin Impressions on Cartridge Cases

The analysis of fired cartridges for primer cup morphology and flattening and firing pin impression (crater) depth using topographic data is discussed in this article. Topographical analysis of the…
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