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Vince Vaccarelli

Vince Vaccarelli

Vince Vaccarelli received his Undergraduate Degree in Biomedical Communications and worked as  a Medical Photographer in the University Health Science Center and Hospital  at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He then moved into private industry as a Microscopy  Applications Specialist and Industrial Product Manager in the US Sales Office of a leading microscopy company. In 1986, Vince joined Cambridge Instruments (part of the Leica Microsystems heritage) as Market Development Manager. Since joining the company, Vince held several positions in Sales and Marketing, obtained his Master’s Degree in Business, and now is the International Product Manager for the Educational Microscopy Products of Leica Microsystems. In this role, Vince drives the new product development for the Higher Education Microscopy Classroom.

Image of an onion flake taken with a basic Leica compound microscope after it was tested for resistance to fungus and mold growth following part 11 of the ISO 9022 standard.

ISO 9022 Standard Part 11 - Testing Microscopes with Severe Conditions

This article describes a test to determine the robustness of Leica microscopes to mold and fungus growth. The test follows the specifications of the ISO 9022 part 11 standard for optical instruments.

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