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High-resolution 3D Imaging to Investigate Tissue Ageing

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Award-winning researcher Dr. Anjali Kusumbe demonstrates age-related changes in vascular microenvironments through single-cell resolution 3D imaging of young and aged organs. Ageing is associated with alterations in tissue homeostasis and a decline in tissue functions. Blood vessels provide supportive microenvironments for various cell types to maintain tissue homeostasis and organ function. However, ageing of the vasculature and how it contributes to changes in tissue physiology is poorly understood.

Key Learnings

  • How tissue maps and genetic studies are providing new insights into the hallmarks of tissue ageing
  • How high-resolution imaging using the THUNDER Imager 3D Tissue is contributing to this research
  • How to access a freely available resource of 3D tissue maps with age-related features of vascular microenvironments.

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