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IIT – Italian Institute of Technology, Nanophysics, Genoa, Italy

The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a foundation established jointly by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and the Ministry of Economy and Finance to promote excellence in basic and applied research and to contribute to the economic development of Italy. The primary goals of the IIT are the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge as well as the strengthening of Italy's technological competitiveness. To achieve these two goals, the IIT will cooperate with both academic institutions and private organizations, fostering through these partnerships scientific development, technological advances and training in high technology.

The Nanophysics unit, established at the Italian Institute of Technology and abbreviated to "NANOPHYS", aims to design, realize and utilize advanced methodologies and instrumentations within the framework of optical spectroscopy and microscopy, scanning force microscopy and optical nanoscopy.

The unit is oriented to the study and characterization of nanostructured, biological and hybrid materials at the nanoscale, i.e. having at least one of the here spatial dimensions controllable at the nanometric or subnanometric scale.

Benefits of Combining STED and Lifetime

In this interview, Professor Alberto Diaspro talks about the advantages of the White Light Laser and the TauSTED capabilities of STELLARIS 8 STED. He speaks about his experience with the confocal…
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