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Your role in pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, research and development requires microscope, camera and software solutions to help you clearly and precisely visualize, analyze, and document your results while ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Improve experimental efficiency and reduce strain from repetitive tasks during production while achieving the excellent quality results you need. Take a look at a sampling of our imaging solutions for pharmaceutical and chemical engineering, and pharmaceutical research & development.

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Drug discovery and research

Customizable solutions to accelerate your workflow: Drug discovery and research requires fast workflow to move your drug to market speedily. Leica Microsystems’ customizable instruments accelerate your workflow with modular, easy-to-use microscopes, cameras, and software. They increase reproducibility and minimize the need for repeating assays which allows you to focus on moving your drug to market. Take a look at a sampling of our imaging solutions for Pharmaceutical Development.

Animal modeling

Perform your animal surgery, dissection, or necropsy with precision and ease with Leica stereo microscopes that combine high resolution and great depth of field capable of visualizing faint signals. Then simplify and speed up your sample analysis tasks with powerful, modular compound microscope solutions that leverage the latest imaging technology including high-speed sCMOS cameras and LAS X software automation.

Leica Application Suite X (LAS X)

Simplify complex analysis tasks and save time by utilizing the new Leica Application Suite X software integrated with Leica microscopes. LAS X guides you step-by-step through the entire analysis workflow with an intuitive interface for acquisition of multidimensional experiments and powerful analysis wizards.

Leica Application Suite X

Genomics and proteomics

Quickly and precisely extract pure large tumor and healthy tissue in one step with Leica’s laser microdissection systems. The Leica LMD7 allows you to easily find, identify, and cut tissue regions of interest in any size or shape for fast, pure tissue extraction.

Leica LMD7 laser microdissection system feature gravity-based collection for size-independent, pure, contact-and contamination-free starting material for downstream analysis.

Routine cell needs

Your research starts at the cellular level: From basic cell and tissue culture experiments to live cell confocal imaging, Leica‘s suite of solutions offer the ease and flexibility required for your needs and budget today. These systems feature Leica Application Suite X software that guides you step-by-step to tackle complex analysis tasks while also providing maximum reproducibility through hardware and software automation.

Fluorescence imaging and beyond

The Leica DMi8 modular inverted microscope grows with your research and your lab. Adding fluorescence, automation, and third-party accessories makes it easy to configure a system that fits your needs today with the flexibility to upgrade in the future.

3D Live cell imaging

The Leica TCS SP8 confocal system is chosen by top researchers in their field for its high sensitivity and speed, giving you the flexibility to perform any live cell imaging experiments while maximizing specimen viability.

Leica DFC9000 sCMOS Camera

The Leica DFC9000 monochrome microscope camera with state-of-the-art sCMOS sensor technology for fluorescence imaging enables you to quickly and easily image your cells under near-native conditions. Featuring high-speed, high-sensitivity, and high-efficiency, you can acquire live time-lapse recordings with high signal-to-noise ratio while capturing even the faintest, previously undetectable fluorescence signals.

Cell culture microscopes

Leica DMi1 cell culture microscope helps to increase efficiency of your live cell imaging workflow with easy-to-use operation, easy phase contrast and flexible condenser options for creating a solution that is right for your lab.

Preclinical and clinical research

Easy-to-use imaging solutions for quickly get your drug to market: Speed up your workflow with more efficient and shorter in vivo and in vitro inspections with Leica‘s Preclinical and Clinical Research solutions.

In Vivo studies

Perform delicate animal surgeries and necropsies with Leica stereo microscopes featuring multiple LED solutions/options that allow you to see more of your targeted region of interest. Next, easily document your pathology findings with intelligent automation of Leica‘s upright microscopes with integrated software and camera.

In Vitro studies

Increase efficiency of your in vitro inspections with Leica‘s compound microscopes and confocal systems. Leica-quality optics capture the faintest fluorescence signal and accessible LAS X software guides you from the experiment through analysis. Comfortably or work strain-free supported by Leica‘s ergonomic design.

OCT imaging

Get real-time optical histology with Envisu OCT (optical coherence tomography) systems for Preclinical Eye Disease Research.

Minimize the number of model organisms needed per study with contact-free imaging that reduces the need to sacrifice your animal.

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

Ensure compliance with strict regulations intuitively and accurately with innovative microscopy solutions for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Failure Analysis from Leica Microsystems. These powerful systems help you check and validate the on-going quality of the end product while allowing you to easily and efficiently document and archive your findings.

Pharmaceutical and chemical RA/QA

Improve inspection workflow with the Leica M165 C Pharmaceutical and Chemical RA/QA Solution, the world’s first encoded stereomicroscope. This imaging system features fully apochromatic-corrected zoom optics and 16.5:1 zoom and maximum 906 lp/mm resolution, which empowers you to inspect the smallest details of a specimen with superb 3D viewing and easy macro to micro viewing at the touch of a button.

Pharmaceutical and chemical investigation

The Leica DM6 M for Pharmaceutical and Chemical investigations is a flexible, modular, fully motorized imaging system features the fully integrated Contrast Manager for fast and easy contrast changes and one-touch light source alignment for accurate results and efficient workflow. Use the SmartTouch touch screen to simplify, reproduce, and continually improve tedious tasks.

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    THUNDER Imager Model Organism

    The THUNDER Imager Model Organism allows fast and easy 3D exploration of whole organisms for developmental or molecular biology research.

    THUNDER Imager 3D Cell Culture

    THUNDER Imager Live Cell & 3D Cell Culture & 3D Assay

    THUNDER Imagers provide you with a solution for advanced 3D cell culture assays, whether you want to study stem cells, spheroids, or organoids.

    High Speed High Resolution Monochrome Fluorescence sCMOS Camera Leica DFC9000

    Leica DFC9000

    4.2 MP cooled monochrome fluorescence scmos camera for advanced applications like high-speed live cell imaging, FRAP, and ratio measurement

    Leica DM4 B & DM6 B

    Increase work efficiency with Leica DM4 B & DM6 B upright digital research microscopes.

    Laser Microdissection Microscope Leica LMD6 & Leica LMD7

    Leica LMD6 & LMD7

    Laser Microdissection enables users to isolate specific single cells or entire areas of tissue.

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