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Annette Rinck, President of Leica Microsystems, and Uta Henssge, Coordinator and Deputy Managing Director of Mentoring Hessen, sealing the partnership

The program supports female students to prepare and actively drive their STEM careers

Different neuronal markers in C. elegans tagged with four red fluorescent proteins – phasor separated based on their different fluorescent lifetimes. Sample courtesy of Prof. Stefan Eimer, Goethe University Frankfurt.

In July 2023, we are looking forward to running a new course together with the EMBL at the EMBL Imaging Centre focusing on fluorescence lifetime-based…

Digital Transmitted Light Microscope Mateo TL

Effortless cell culture checks and reproducibility in every lab

Jon Daniels, Senior Engineer at Applied Scientific Instrumentation and Florian Fahrbach, Open Innovation Specialist at Leica Microsystems pictured at the Cell Bio 2022
Normal colon iteratively stained with over 30 CST antibodies using the Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging solution.

Join us on November, 9th! In this episode of MicaCam, we will use microfluidics to explore the effect of shear stress on cell morphology, examine the…

From October, 19th! In this episode, we showed how adding additional markers to an apoptosis kit can markedly increase the amount of information a…

Unified user interface for QC community takes inspection mobile

Deep learning cell segmentation algorithm incorporated into Aivia 11 update

VIDEO ON DEMAND from June, 29th! In this edition of MicaCam our special guest George Galea from EMBL Heidelberg looked at HeLa Kyoto cells treated…

New features enable scalability for all researchers with manual or automated workflows

Leica booth before official opening of the event

The EMBL in Heidelberg hosted its first Scientific Symposium at the EMBL Imaging Centre on the 30th of May 2022, featuring talks about leading edge…


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☑️ Leica YouTube Tutorial 📹 of the week: Do you know how easy it is to get your fluorescent image with Mica?

☑️ Mee… https://t.co/NFdmOqWND3

▶ Gliomas are the most common primary #tumors of the Central Nervous System and can be difficult to treat 🧠

▶ Lear… https://t.co/e060p77pvp

✅Become part of our team➡ https://t.co/XfqG07YJP7

✅What´s inside you? There´s no better place to find out. Join Lei… https://t.co/AkRUaghPcf

✅ How do you image histological & fluorescent samples with one system? Find out how on MicaCam. See how the new Flu… https://t.co/E5KPsZm8x7

RT @JensPGabriel: Great workshop by @mgpisfil on 5-color STED nanoscopy with a single depletion laser #TiM2023 @GerBI_GMB #STELLARIS @Leica

Retweeted By Leica Microsystems

Interested in dissecting #cells, without defining every ROI by hand?

With our Image Analysis Software #Aivia you ca… https://t.co/YNdsSoW0sv

🔶 Don’t miss the chance to find out how to leverage lifetime-based information to solve #biological questions. Appl… https://t.co/5kY1ifurOL

This article in @EPM_Magazine explains how a 2-in-1 solution combining optical microscopy & chemical analysis with… https://t.co/8euGno33gj

Join us in less than an hour for this great live event! https://t.co/H8UCTjW7aX

Replying to @microscopyEd

@microscopyEd @Harvard_CBI We want a picture with everyone wearing these 😀

About Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures. Ever since the company started as a family business in the nineteenth century, its instruments have been widely recognized for their optical precision and innovative technology. It is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopes.

Leica Microsystems has seven major plants and product development sites around the world. The company is represented in over 100 countries, has sales and service organizations in 20 countries, and an international network of distribution partners. Its headquarters are located in Wetzlar, Germany.

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