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This image shows the original result of autonomous detection of an organoid with Avia 10. No parameters were adjusted by the user. This image shows the original result of autonomous detection of an organoid with Avia 10. No parameters were adjusted by the user.

Aivia 10: Driving research for all with autonomous image analysis

Experience new functions with a free trial on the Aivia web platform

Wetzlar, Germany, August 20th, 2021. Leica Microsystem announced that Aivia 10, the latest release of its AI-powered image analysis solution, is now available for a free trial on the Aivia web platform. Aivia 10 makes AI-powered image analysis accessible to everyone through a new autonomous mode. This mode has been trained by experienced human users and autonomously determines the parameters required for successful object recognition for each new image. Expert-level segmentation and analysis of 3D images are now at hand for every user without the need for training. The launch is an essential step on the path towards fully autonomous image analysis.

“Getting the maximum information from image analysis calls for both practice and experience. The release of Aivia 10 gives access to expert image analysis knowledge to all microscopists.” Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems, said. “With Aivia 10, they can achieve faster, easier, and more reliable insights to drive their scientific discoveries. We are pleased to introduce this innovation, which is a leap towards full autonomous image analysis,” he added.

Four new Active Tiles in Aivia 10 give users a head start for the most common tasks. With the Active Tiles, microscopists can explore, detect, and analyze objects of interest and get results faster with optimized user interfaces for each task. Other upgrades include improved file handling with faster image conversion and smaller file sizes for the fully documented Aivia TIFF 2.0 format. Additionally, the extended Leica image file compatibility lets researchers get the most value from their microscopy solutions. An example is a new rendering mode for the fluorescence lifetime of instruments with TauSense.

Aivia is a visualization, analysis, and interpretation solution powered by machine learning and deep learning algorithms. The Aivia platform provides a wide range of solutions from 2D-to-5D image visualization to cloud-based model training modules. It allows researchers to quickly get results they can trust by eliminating the repetitive tasks otherwise required that impact image analysis.

Aivia 10’s automated image analysis can be experienced here

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