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  • [Translate to japanese:] Leica Cell Biology


    ヒトの健康と病気を細胞ベースで理解することを目的として研究を行う場合、関心のある細胞の構造および分子の詳細から対象の細胞を研究することが重要です。 その結果、細胞生物学における顕微鏡はかってないほどに重要なツールとなり、構造環境内で試料を詳細に調査したり、細胞内小器官や高分子を分析したりすることができます。 細胞生物学イメージングは、さまざまな光電子相関顕微鏡を使用して行われます。…
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  • Aivia_Neuroscience-VBE comparison mouse-1_traced_ROI
    Science Lab Topic: Fluorescence Microscopy

    Accelerating Neuron Image Analysis with Automation

    The ability to examine complex neural processes relies on the accurate reconstruction of neuronal networks at scale. Most data extraction methods in neuroscience research are time-consuming and…
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  • Colourised binary mask of a time-lapse microscopy field of view of medium confluency
    Science Lab Topic: Digital Microscopy

    Tracking Single Cells Using Deep Learning

    AI-based solutions continue to gain ground in the field of microscopy. From automated object classification to virtual staining, machine and deep learning technologies are powering scientific…
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  • Analysis of anatomy and axon orientation of an adult mouse brain tissue with QLIPP
    Science Lab Topic: Live-Cell Imaging

    Learning the Cellular Architecture from its Optical Properties

    In the last 3 years, microscopists have started to use "AI based" solutions for a wide range of applications, including image acquisition optimization (smart microscopy), object classification, image…
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  • Science Lab Topic: Live-Cell Imaging

    AI in Microscopy Webinar

    We demonstrate residual channel attention networks for restoring and enhancing volumetric time-lapse (4D) fluorescence microscopy data.
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