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DM3 XL Inspection System for Microelectronics and Semiconductor

Fast detection, fast action

Stand Sturdy metal stand
Focusing 2-gear focusing (coarse/fine with 1 µm micrometer scale with top focus stop) or
3-gear focusing (coarse/medium/fine with 1 and 4 µm micrometer scales with top focus stop)
Torque coarse focus, adjustable stage height stop
Stage stroke 30 mm
Incident light Robust incident light axis with 4-position reflector turret for BF/DF/POL/DIC and FLUO
  • with oblique illumination
  • with Color-Coded Diaphragm Assistant (CCDA)
  • with centreable Aperture iris diaphragm
  • with IL-Filter magazine for 2 filters - Ø 32 mm
The following light sources can be adapted to all incident light axes:
  • LED-Lamphousing with internal microscope control of the light intensity for incident light
  • Mirrorhousing 106, for simultaneous adaptation of two light sources
  • Fluo-illumination SFL100, 4000 and 7000
  • EL6000, Hg 50, Hg 100, Xe 75
  • 12 V 100 W Halogen (Lamp housing series 106 or 107/2) with separate transformer
Objective turret /
5x BF/DF M32, 6x BF M25 and 7x BF M25 objective turret
  • HI PLAN EPI Objectives 5x, 10x, 20x
  • N PLAN EPI Objectives 2.5x - 100x
  • PLAN FLUOTAR Objectives 1.25x - 100x
  • PLAN APO Objectives 0.7x Macro 50x, 100x, 150x
Accessories Optional magnification changer (1x, 1.5x, 2x)
Optional measuring stage s for x, y, and z measurements
Transmitted light Illumination via external cold light source with light fibre
Power supply Stabilized universal power supply unit, 90 - 230 V
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