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Leica DM ILM Inverted Microscope for Metallography and Industrial Materials Inspection

All industrial inspection and measurement tasks are performed quickly and efficiently with the modular Leica DM ILM inverted microscope.

High-performance optics provide crisp, clear image resolution and contrast in incident light, brightfield, polarization contrast, and fluorescence.

The Leica DM ILM is designed to handle large samples and objects and save time when performing serial inspection and tests of large sample quantities.

Materials research and industrial quality control are easy with the Leica DM ILM.

Key Features

Fit specific applications

A variety of powerful image acquisition and analysis software packages are available to fit specific applications.

Choose from six tubes

Choose from six tubes and the Ergotube (0° to 35°) for relaxed, comfortable work at the microscope.

Built-in power supply

The built-in power supply for a 6V/35W halogen lamp is convenient to control and saves space in the workplace.

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