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Materials Microscope Head System Leica DM2500 MH

Archived Product
This item has been phased out. Please contact your sales person with possible substitutions.

The Leica DM2500 MH is designed for rapid, accurate results even when working with very large samples. The optional Leica ErgoBase accommodates samples up to 350mm in height and 270mm wide and provides high-resolution at long working distances. With the Color-coded Diaphragm, even novice users always have the best settings for the task at hand.
The high-performance N PLAN (achromatic) and Plan Fluotar (semi-apochromatic) objectives deliver pin-sharp images with all contrast methods. Image field sizes, from 20mm to 22mm and all the way to 25mm, reveal precisely detailed images. Wide image fields reduce the time needed to scan large samples and analyze structures of interest.

Flexibility meets high throughput with the Leica DM2500 MH materials microscope system.