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Leica DM4500 P Polarization Microscope without Compromise to Comfort and Quality

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DM4500 P LED

The Leica DM4500 P is a high-end polarization microscope with intelligent light and contrast management. It operates with a mechanical Z-drive and mechanical stage. As an option, the microscope can also be retrofit with a motorized fine focus drive or scanning stage.

The brightness of the image remains constant and the contrast is brilliant when switching to a different magnification. The contrast and light manager automatically adjusts the microscope for best image quality.

The automated read out of the illumination settings and magnification make the Leica DM4500 P the perfect tool for all applications requiring reproducible, reliable results.

The Leica DM4500 P provides consistent, reproducible research and quality control results.
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