Choose the System that Fits You Best

Whether you need a microscope for a quick overview of your sample or a detailed inspection –

The upright microscopes Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M always support you with the right settings.

FS C – motorized comparison macroscope  

  • Low magnification, automated, encoded, and synchronized system for high throughput comparison of ballistics, tool marks, and documents
  • ±4 % zoom magnification adjustment for deformed bullets
  • Color neutral prisms in the bridge for accurate color reproduction
  • FS C with encoded objective nosepiece for correctly calibrated images every time

FS M – manual comparison macroscope

  • Low magnification, manual system for comparison of tool marks, ballistics, and documents; well suited for laboratories with light case loads
  • Variety of optional binocular and trinocular tubes for comfortable, long-term viewing  
  • Adjustable 10× eyepieces compensate for differences in visual acuity between different users or an individual’s eyes, and offer a large 22 mm field of view.

Apochromatic, Telecentric fixed magnification objectives with individually adjustable numerical aperture diaphragms

  • Telecentric optical system for distortion free, accurate measurements over the entire field of view*
  • Correct colors, high resolution, and no chromatic aberration for accurate observation and documentation of the evidence
  • Fixed magnification values ensure exact calibration and measurements
  • Parfocality allows the sample to remain in focus while changing objective

Discover the possibilities with various accessories

Whether you need to investigate projectiles, tools, or documents, Leica Microsystems offers a wide range of accessories for your requirements.

For long working hours

  • Tiltable viewing tube
  • Ergonomic worktable

For imaging & documentation

  • Selection of digital cameras
  • Modular software for your specific needs

The right illumination for many samples

  • Incident and coaxial illumination for FS C
  • Incident illumination for FS M
  • Cold light sources & LED components

For easier comparison

  • Large choice of sample holders
  • Stage accessories

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