Motorized Forensic Comparison Microscope Leica FS CB

Do you need a Research class Comparison Microscope?

FS CB comparison bridge with DM4 LED microscopes

  • Rotatable mechanical stages for one or two slides or rotatable polarization stages.
  • Fully automated condensers.
  • Graphical display provides information on the aperture (AP) - and field diaphragm (FD) and light intensity.
  • The six buttons in the rear side plates of the microscopes are freely programmable.
  • 6-fold objective turret and 5-position fluorescence axis

Do you need a Routine class Comparison Microscope?

FS CB comparison bridge with DM2500 microscopes

  • Extra bright LED or 100 W Halogen illumination.
  • Unique, height-adjustable focus knobs.
  • 5 focus functions: 2- or 3-gear focusing, focus-stop, adjustable torque.
  • Special condenser for differential interference contrast (DIC).
  • 6- or 7-fold objective turret.
  • 5-position fluorescence axis

Your further options

For long working hours

  • Tiltable viewing tube
  • Ergonomic worktable

For imaging & documentation

  • Selection of digital cameras
  • Modular software for your specific needs

The right illumination for many samples

  • Coaxial illumination
  • External light source for fluorescence illumination

For easier comparison

  • Large choice of sample holders
  • Stage accessories

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