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Leica SR GSD Widefield Super-resolution System

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica SR GSD 3D

GSDIM is a scientifically proven method using a wide range of standard fluorochromes.

Leica Microsystems are pioneers in <link science-lab topics super-resolution>super-resolution microscopy. The 2007 introduction of the Leica TCS STED heralded a new era of products that break the barriers of diffractionlimited imaging.

Based on the highly regarded Leica AM TIRF MC system and the Leica DMI6000 B inverted microscope, the Leica SR GSD harnesses an imaging technique known as <link science-lab widefield-super-resolution-with-gsdim-an-introduction super-resolution with>Ground State Depletion (GSDIM).

Leica SR GSD Microscope
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