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Leica DM750 M Binocular materials microscope for education and metallography

Shine a New Light on Your Samples

The Leica DM750 M is the ideal microscope for basic materials applications in an Industrial Lab or Material Science course. Its versatile stage and reflected light system work in combination to deliver high quality images of the most demanding specimens.

The mechanical stage can be used for both transmitted and reflected light. It can be equipped with various specimen holders to accommodate mounted specimens of different diameters.

The unique Reflected light LED illuminator provides brightfield, polarized light, and oblique illumination. This allows you to work with many different specimens with the same microscope configuration.

Microscope for Education, Materials, Inspection and Basic Metallography

Key Features

Perfect Light

LED Illumination for both transmitted and reflected light provides cool, white light with an average lifetime of over 20 years saving cost in replacement lamps.

Magnification up to 1000x

Stands with both 4 or 5 position nosepiece allow for a full range of magnifications between 50x and 1000x

Reflected Light Illuminator with Cutting-edge LED Illumination

Brightfield, Polarized Light, 4 segment oblique illumination, aperture diaphragm all provide the versatility, ease of use, and speed required for a routine lab

Handling at Its Best

Universal "industrial" cross stage for reflected and transmitted light accept special sample holders for 25 or 30 mm samples

Easy and Ergonomic Viewing

4 different tubes to choose from to fit your comfort and eyepieces with magnification factor 10x and Field of View 20 are available.

Leica Imaging

A variety of Leica Microscopy Cameras including Full HD viewing available. DIfferent cameras provide high resolution pictures and fast live images.

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